Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Drama Queen and the Matriarch

I was sitting at my computer when I sensed a commotion and glanced down to see this: No, she wasn't sleeping - she was tossing herself around with great dramatic flair, trying to get my attention. Why, you ask? Because of this: A closer look: Charley, the matriarch of the household, has seized the newcomer's crate and claimed it for herself. Charley has her own, much larger, crate.... and a raised bed, and a big round bed, and a rubbermaid bed, and two extra-large rectangular cushions - none of which either of the other dogs ever use. But she has to squeeze herself into Jessie's crate, just when Jessie has finally decided the wire crate is a very acceptable and comfortable place to hang out. And I distinctly heard Charley mutter something about 'darn youth today, think they can just take over the world, no respect for their elders....'


georgia little pea said...

I'm so glad I didn't miss this post LOL!

I think Jessie is feeling quite at home already. As for Charley, where have I seen this behavior before?! Both R and G are exactly the same. They both want whatever it is the other one has. Except for baths :p

Your girls surely do have a lot of beds :)

Dom said...

Hahaha. Such characters!