Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walk Wiv Me! by Jessie

I'z going on mah walk. Wanna come along?

Here we are at the seawalk:

Smell that salt air!

Der's lots of interestin' smells!

And there's sunlight on those logs down there:

I likes to sit and watch the water:

Let's go all the way along the path today:

Lookit all this sand! I think I'm gonna be a Beach Babe!

There's lots of flowers too:

Gotta head home now. More flowers at the top of the stairs:

I like dis one!

And lots of trees in bloom on the road home:

Here's we are, back at my gate. Let's do it again tomorrow!

Luv, Jessie


Black Jack's Carol said...

So good to watch your universe growing, little Jessie. Soon, there will be no stopping you!

EvenSong said...

Wait 'til you discover the joy that is horse poop, Jessie. You'll love it!

Caroline said...

horse poop and goose poop, oh my!

The very last pic is my favorite as she has smiley eyes and seemed relaxed. Way to go Jessie!

Anonymous said...

She is SO cute!


georgia little pea said...

What a great walk, Jessie! I miss having spring flowers in my collar. They made me feel like A Lady. Maybe your human will put some in your collar for you next time. I like that you're learning to type too. Will you be writing more soon? I hope so. Too roo from your fwiend, Georgia xox

P.S. Please don't push Charley down anymore. Ladies don't do stuff llke that.

Anonymous said...

Horsepoop! That sounds YUMMY! Oh, and goose poop too!

Georgia, I wud definitely like to have flowers in my collar. There is pictures of flowers on it, but I will ask foster mama to put sum of those pretty blossoms around my neck. Maybe she will make me a daisy chain necklace!

I will try to write more. I am in a bit of trouble right now - foster mama sez I am becoming a BRAT. Hmmm....not sure what that is but I think it means 'acting like one of the family'.

I will try to act like a lady and not bash into Charley no more. I just wanted to play wiv her. I haz a lot of energy.

Luv Jessie