Thursday, April 28, 2011


Four Friends

A few weeks ago, my friend Else brought two of her dogs, Archie and Tess, over to play with Jessie. Jessie wasn't interested in playing with them, but to my delight and total surprise, Charley and Sadie were.

Charley and Sadie know Archie and Tess very well - we see them a lot, and have walked with them often, so they are no strangers to each other. Archie is a senior, about the same age as Charley (13/14). Tess is a youngster - a couple of years old, I think (Else??). Both are active, playful dogs, where my two are not. Even as a young dog, Charley was never a playful pooch.

But to my surprise, they played - especially Charley and Tess!

Charley and Tess

Aaack, you scare me!

Everybody listen up!

Get yer foot outta mah eye!

I can too whip yer butt!

Archie and Tess

Sadie and Tess

That was exhausting!

Charley's old joints were a little the worse for wear the next day, but with the help of a pain pill and a day's rest, she is once again ready for a with like minded social dogs -- like her friend Riley and soon-to-be-friend Taleah who will be visiting us next week with their humans Deb and Sharon. And 17 year old Sam, who will be coming to stay with us for a month shortly after that while his humans go overseas to welcome the birth of their new grandchild.

And, no doubt, with Archie and Tess, when their mama is over her cold and feeling well enough to come down for a glass of wine and an hour of chat while the dogs engage in canine capers in my backyard.

It's good to have friends.


Janice Gillett said...

That post make me smile from picture to picture!

Alphamutt said...

Tess reminds me so much of my least physically. Tess is obviously much more social. :) She's a gorgeous girl....thanks for the smile.

Anonymous said...

All beautiful dogs, but Charley is especially photogenic.

See you soon!

Sharon & Taleah

Anonymous said...

Good to see that the oldsters still have it in them! And we're very much looking forward to our visit next week. I hope Charley and Sadie saved some energy for us. Rupert is not amused that he's being left at home, but I told him he might get a nice souvenir if he's a really good boy. ;-)

Deb S. & Riley

Anonymous said...

These pictures also has me smiling. It is such joy to see one dog who normally doesn't play much suddenly awaken to the thrill of it. What a happy bunch. It's good to see them all.

And I'm so sad that we won't be able to join you all for Deb and Sharon's visit to the island. Can't wait to hear what "souvenir" Deb will be bringing back to the mainland. :-)


Anonymous said...

They had such a fun day. It was great seeing Sadie and Charlie ready for a play.
Too bad Jessie wanted nothing to do with Tess or Archie. they could have had such fun.


Dom said...

Looks like a grand old time.