Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Luck, Jessie; Farewell, Buck

Today, I drove Jessie back down island where she will go back to the home of one of the directors of Broken Promises Rescue, where she stayed briefly when she first came into care. After a full discussion of her behaviours of the past few days, we decided that it is in everyone's best interest (and most especially in Jessie's best interest) for her to be in a place where she can be better assessed as her personality continues to reveal itself. There, the rescue has a relationship with their vet in case medications would be useful, familiarity with trainers and behaviourists, access to people who do T-Touch, and other resources to ensure that she can be given the best assessment and help available to make her adoption-ready.

I shall miss the muppet, but I also support the rescue's decision fully and I wish Jessie all the best.

Just as I was leaving to take Jessie back, I learned that my kind and generous neighbour, Buck, passed away yesterday. Buck was a retired senior, somewhere between my age and my mother's, who was diagnosed with cancer last year. Buck was a good friend and neighbour to me - from the day I arrived here, he welcomed me and we had many enjoyable conversations and shared much laughter over the back fence. In summer he often greeted me with hands full of warm tomatoes or young zucchini for my table, and he loved both dogs and birds as much as I do. He was a skilled craftsman whose hobby was making intricate wooden plaques, fun garden ornaments, birdhouses, and other treasures, many of which adorn his home and yard. He was a good man, and I was fortunate to have known him.


Jen said...

Rest peacefully Buck. Sad news, indeed.

And, I hope Jessie finds her way through her problems- here's hoping the rescue can help her become the dog she is surely meant to be!!

Hope you have a lovely Easter!

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Anonymous said...

RIP Buck, very sad news to lose a good neighbour like that.

Jessie survived her trip back to Victoria and instantly recognized her old foster mom. She would have nothing to do with me, especially after her foster mom was in the picture!

Jean said...

Glad to hear she made it the rest of the way without incident, Cora -that Gravol clearly made a difference. And I'm even gladder to hear she recognized and was happy to see Kat.

georgia little pea said...

I'm happy that Jessie is moving on to phase 2 but sad that there'll be no more stories of the genius in the making. She really was too cute. I don't think I could ever be a foster carer.

Sorry to hear about Buck. Neighbors who are also good friends are gold.

Hope you're otherwise having a good Easter break. Hugs to the girls. At least Charley can now rest easy that she won't be bowled over unexpectedly!

Dom said...

So sorry about Buck.

Fingers crossed for Jessie.

Funder said...

Poor Jessie, but so glad that the rescue is so committed to her! She was a milled dog, right? Heartbreaking.

Buck sounds awesome! Sounds like he'll be missed by many. Thanks for telling us a little about him.

Anonymous said...

I too hope that Jessie can move forward with Kat. She is a sweet little girl.

RIP Buck