Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello out there......!!!

Okay, so it has been a while since I posted. I know. I know. My friends Deb and Sharon, with dogs Riley and Taleah, are visiting.



Last night the humans were sitting around talking about blogs - how some people think one must blog every day and use it more as a personal (sometimes VERY personal) journal, while others whose blogs we enjoy don't blog anywhere near often enough!

I blog when I think I have something to share that others might enjoy, and focus pretty much solely on animals or nature. And now that I'm not on the farm or fostering piggies, and my dogs are too old to walk far or to explore new and interesting places, I often feel I have nothing new about which to blog.

Deb and Sharon encouraged me to broaden the range of topics I cover - to talk about other things I am interested in such as social issues and the arts and theatre and books and recipes and even (gasp) politics (though I think Canadians are probably maxed out on all things political right now, having just had our fourth federal election in seven years!). I'm thinking about it. I'd love to know what my readers would like to see, so feel free to comment.

I have two guiding principles when it comes to blogging: I don't blog just for the sake of blogging, and my real life relationships with people and animals take priority over time spent blogging. Those principles will continue to hold.

But for those of you who love to see photos of the animals, here's my funniest shot from last night:

The Evil-Eyed Cat contemplates the Alien Intruder

Today is sunny, my friends are here, and we are off on a day's adventure - cameras in tow, of course! Stay tuned.


Dawn said...

Jean, I come to your blog for the doggies/animals, though I do enjoy your Crofton sunrises and flowers.

I will still check for new postings almost every day, skipping any that don't interest me, so do what you want.

Funder said...

I blog whenever I can think of anything I feel like talking about. Sometimes that's every day and sometimes it's once a week.

I skip the stuff that doesn't interest me on other peoples' blogs. If their focus shifts to where it rarely interests me, I'll unfollow them - no hard feelings, interests change! And similarly, I try to keep my main focus on my horse and dog, but I don't hesitate to digress. My advice: write about whatever you are comfortable writing about. If you get no comments, maybe no one's interested!

Anonymous said...

It's so great to see the beauties Riley and Taleah. Soooo wish the boyz and I could be there with you all for this visit. Have a great time. Deb, will you be bringing back a "souvenir"?????

E, K, and L, plus F.

Laura Carson said...

I've always had the philosophy of not blogging just for the sake of it - only when I actually have something to say. I try to keep my focus on dogs and sheep mostly, but... well... we know I'm the queen of digressing. lol!

I, personally, find it very apppealing to learn the different places that peoples minds go. But then I'm exceptionally nosey, too.

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful visit and I'm betting there will be more blog entries to come as a result of it. The birds, wildlife and scenery of the area are truly remarkable. The only thing missing were the honourary herding whippets.

Thank you, Jean, for a wonderful time! I have a very tired collie tonight, no doubt worn out by all the pawtying.

Unfortunately no suitable "souvenir" was found for Rupert. I am, however, actively seeking an appropriate "gift" for him for being such a good boy while I was away. ;-)

Deb S., Riley & Rupert

Anonymous said...

Jean -I tink you have built your following on the animal stories and pictures as the title of your blog indicates. The pictures from your walks give a sense of the area you live and the odd "rant" is okay. If you change focus , I think it will change the whole feel of the blog. Leave it alone and as the saying goes"don't argue with success"
Find another outlet or do another blog for the other stuff if you feel the need to express it -a news and views type of thing, but don't let it become a chore. You already have one newspaper column a week to worry about.

Love Big Sis and O'Bear

Black Jack's Carol said...

Hi Jean,

Like Laura Carson, I have a curiosity about the different places people's minds go, so all of your posts are of interest, since they provide food for thought. Some make me laugh, some give me the chance to see what is going on by the ocean in your neck of the woods and make comparison with Vancouver, some provide advice about pet-care, and occasionally, you share your emotions about things that inspire sadness or anger. The latter sometimes makes me uncomfortable, especially when the identity of the person(s) causing your unhappiness would be obvious to some of your readers. But, that is my hang-up and shouldn't deter you from expressing yourself honestly. Adding your thoughts about cultural or political topics would be fine too. These are all parts of your world, and my advice would be for you to continue as you have been doing. When you have something to say or show, share that with your readers, and we can make the choice as to when we respond, and when we tuck things in the corner of our minds for perusal.