Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why the Sky Turned Orange

The Great Spirit looked down upon the earth at the people dying of hunger, killing each other, destroying the environment, and the tears fell on the land and the clouds hung darkly over the earth, and it was not good.

And the Great Spirit said “I need something to make me laugh again”. And so the angels brought the Great Spirit a dog, not just any dog but a very special, very gentle, very sweet dog with lots of orange fur. And they set him down, and he had a poop, and then he did his HAPPY DANCE.

And as the Great Spirit watched this deaf, old, visually impaired little dog hopping and twirling and bouncing around the heavens, a smile spread on the Great Spirit's face, and laughter welled up from deep inside, and all the tensions of the day disappeared. The Great Spirit told the angels they had done well, though on earth below hearts were broken.

It wasn’t until afterwards that the Great Spirit noticed just how much fur one happy little dog can shed – enough to turn the skies bright orange.

I do believe Oliver is dancing in the heavens tonight.

(Thanks to Evensong for the story idea, and to everyone for their kind comments, emails, phone calls and hugs.)


Janice Gillett said...

A beautiful "sign" you sent Oliver..

Jean said...

It was, wasn't it, Janice? I saw the orange glow through the window last night, and stepped outside to watch it grow deeper - and Evensong's comment on the thread below came immediately to mind. The Great Spirit must have had greater need of Oliver than I did - I hope the heavenly housekeepers have fun keeping up with the dustbunnies he creates!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I loved that Happy Dance video when you first posted it, Jean, and it was a perfect way to remember Oliver, and to bring his joyful spirit not only to you and Kelly, but to the many of us who are so saddened at his passing. That orange glow didn't happen by accident - I feel very sure of that.

Sheryl said...

What a touching post for sweet Oliver. He was so lucky to be surrounded with so much love.

King said...

I thought I couldn't shed another tear after reading of Oliver's passing. Thank you so much for posting Olivers Happy Dance again. It's such a wonderful video. I cried again as I watched it, but tonight they're happier tears. Whenever I see the orange glow I'll think of Oliver.

Cheryl said...

What a gorgeous happy first I thught it was him barking..ha ha but that was Belle..sweet Oliver be happy up above watching over your family..