Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And now my Belle has left us too

Exactly one week after my Oliver went to the Rainbow Bridge, my precious Belle has followed in his steps. We spent today lying on the grass under the apple tree and then snuggled up in my recliner. At six o’clock, I laid her on her bed while I took Charley and Sadie for a walk, and came back just as she drew her final breaths. She died in my arms. It was very peaceful.

Belle, I am so sad to see you go. You came into my life a crippled, skinny, sparsely haired girl, rescued from a family’s decision to euthanize, after your papa passed away. Pam saved you, Deb fostered you, and I lost my heart to you. You fattened up, became a round fluffy ball, pranced along in the pasture and rode in my backpack on the dikes.

You taught me about shelties and small dogs and Princesses. Your imperious little bark commanded me to feed you, to let you in or out, to keep you company. You were always near my side – patiently getting up and following me from room to room, or if you didn’t feel like moving, then barking one short bark every 10 seconds until I would return to either sit with you or beckon you to follow me. You knew what you wanted and you made sure the rest of the world knew it too.

You had alligator jaws and funny raccoon-like feet. You liked to ride in the front seat, and to lie in the grass in the back yard. The other dogs deferred to you, for you were The Princess.

You came to me on the very day my Caleb was diagnosed with cancer, December 8, 2007. You brought me sunshine and shelti-tude. I shall miss you, my little Princess – and I know those other dogs at the rainbow bridge are already honoring the arrival of Her Highness, Princess Belle.

Run free, precious girl, my precious Princess Belle. I know that you are barking with joy at being reunited with the papa who loved you for most of your life, and I can feel his happy heart and see his smile as he greets you with open arms. You have gone home.

My singing sheltie is singing for the angels tonight.

Belle, 1995 - 2010


Cheryl said...

I gave my own little sheltie girl an extra hug to-night after reading about your Belle so soon after Oliver..I am so sorry...the following from room to room is so much like the shelties I have shared my life with..they just want to be with their person..along with Caleb the shelties are watching over you now..take care Jean and much healing to you..

Anonymous said...

Oh Jean,

I am so, so sorry.

Belle - you were deeply loved and will be deeply missed.

Thank you Jean for taking care of Belle in her senior years, and taking on everyting this included - the loving, the care, the worry and finall the heartache of losing her.

Thank you for loving senior Shelties.


Janice Gillett said...

Oh Jean , i so hoped she would rally as the wound still open from one tragic loss only to lead into another.

Run like the wind little one and find Oliver .. love and light, the way it should be for them all.

Sheryl said...

I am so sorry that Belle has gone, too. So much heartache all at once. Take care of yourself and know that they both had the absolute best home in the world while they were lucky enough to live with and be loved by you.

turtlegardens said...

I am so sorry Jean. My heart cries with you. The sun will shine again. Me and my crew send hugs. Yvette

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry,seems such small measure of solace at this time.My heart aches for your loss of Bella..your battered and bruised spirit....I'm holding you and Bella in my thoughtsand prayers.Cathie,John and our crew.

Karen said...

I am so sorry, Jean.

EvenSong said...

Oh, Jean, you're heart must be aching so! Jackson and Kate and Maddie all send slobbery kisses. I send my healing thoughts for you and the rest of your herd.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I am so sorry, Jean. My heart goes out to you, and it strikes me yet again how much courage it takes to adopt senior pets. As Sharon said, "...the loving, the care, the worry and finally, the heartache..." The priceless pictures of Belle - noble black and white, tiara in place as she reclines, surveying her world from the lofty perspective of your shoulders, little nose pointed skyward as she sings in golden light, surrounded by buttercups - each points to her idyllic life with you. There is much to celebrate in the stories and photos you have shared of both Oliver and Belle. But, right now, I know your heart is heavy. My thoughts are with you.

sobe said...

I am so sorry to read this. My heart too goes out to you.
sending healing vibes and love your way

vad_007 said...

jean, i'm so sorry for losses
i never got to meet your wonderful oliver and belle, but learned to love them from here(your blog)
so sadness on a already grieving heart...be gentle on your heart, you have beatiful pictures and memories to remember them by, they no run pain free in golden pastures and meadows


browneyedkat6965 said...

Oh Jean,

I am so sorry to hear about Princess Belle - she was indeed a regal Miss.

You are such a special person to take on the responsibility (and heartache that follows) in caring for senior dogs. They are so lucky to have you...to love them...care for them...and cater to their every demand and need.

I am just so sorry that your losses have been so close together. If there is any thing that can be said to comfort ...just know that everyone who knew Belle and Oliver either in person or just on your blog...loved them too and we all feel your pain.

Come see us soon - it's my turn to have you over. Hugs and loves ..Katherine and Possum xo

Hunde Haus said...

So very sorry that your heart must endure these deep pains. Hugs to you Jean.

Alphamutt said...

Jean, I understand the depth and breadth of your pain and I so wish there was something I could say to make the burden of your loss bearable. You loved your family members Belle and Oliver, and still do, I know how much. Please be kind and gentle to your broken heart. Shalom, friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

So sorry for the pain you had to go through with Oliver's passing, and then Belle. It is sad for you to have to let go of two dogs at the same time.Wish you well while you heal from the pain and sorrow.


shihtzustaff said...

Too much loss Jean. We can relate. Take good care of yourself and your other dogs. I am so sorry for our losses.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear that Belle has gone to the bridge so soon after Oliver. At least they both have each other, I feel your pain and we are thinking about you.


ruth said...

Oh, no!

I am so saddened to hear this news...
My thoughts of strength and courage go out to you and the rest of the pack.
Once again, I will hug my crew extra tight today in memory of the shelties.
Virtual Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

All our animal companions are special, but sometimes one comes along that has a certain, undefinable quality that makes them just a little more so. Belle was with me for only a month but she made an indelible mark on my heart. I was so glad when you and she found one another because I knew it was a perfect match and that HRH Princess Belle would be cared for in the manner befitting sheltie royalty for the remainder of her days. Thank you for everything: your dedication, love and caring for a broken-down little old dog who blossomed in your keeping. There will never be another Belle and the world is indeed a poorer place without her in it. However I am sure she is enriching the afterlife with her unique spirit, and that sweet Oliver is by her side.

Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

Jean, I am so sorry about Bella. I'm sure the last couple of years with you, were her best. Hang in there.