Friday, June 25, 2010

Horsing Around

On my quick trip to the mainland, I stopped by my friend's farm to meet her new horse and catch up on the latest gossip from my former place of employment. Of course, I took the opportunity to get some pics of both her horses, Dobby and Haven. I was so stunned by Haven's gorgeous markings that the names of her two dogs, also shown below, have completely slipped my mind. Siska and Nicki???? Me bad!

Dobby is a lovely dark chestnut brown colour with black mane and tail. His claim to fame is obviously as a spy - he likes to peer through the chinks in the barn wall and check what's going on in the other stall:

He's a very sweet boy, a bit less forward or flirty than the newcomer, Haven, but more of a gentleman.

Haven is just a big flirt, quite prepared to nibble away at my hair, nuzzle my neck, or give me a love pat - er, thunk - when I'm not paying enough attention to him.

I love, love, love the markings on his rump! (I told him if he didn't behave, he would make a mighty pretty hide on the wall! Just kidding, Haven, just kidding!).

And his mane and tail - Haven, do you realize people pay big money to get their hair streaked like that???

Farms are great places for photoshoots, and for the most part the natural light accomodated me. Barns are one of my favourite places - to hang out, breathing in that unique combination of hay and straw and manure and animal sweat, or to photograph old weathered wood in sunlight:

And what is a farm without a couple of dogs - though Samoyeds might not be the first breed that comes to mind for life on a farm! How the heck do you keep all that white fur clean????? These two obviously enjoy life, though, and seem to have a smile permanently fixed on their faces:

Thanks for the farm-fix, Luanne. It was a refreshing break in an otherwise hectic and stressful trip.


EvenSong said...

Looks like it was a very pleasant visit. I love the shot of the barn, framed by the tree.
Haven does have a nice color pattern. His white rump spot goes only partway down his tail bone, then the tail hair reverts to the black base coat. Same with his mane--the base of the mane has both black and white, leading to the mixed mane hairs. Leads to some interesting braids, if one is so inclined. The mottled spots in his rump are sometimes called "paw prints" and his are especially appropriate to the title.
In "horse-ese" Dobby's brown color with black mane and tail (and legs) is called "bay." And without the spotting pattern, so is Haven, though his brown body is a totally different tone than Dobby's. The Pinto/Paint markings make Haven a "tri-color"--one of my favorites (like Kate, only she's dun and white with black points).
They both look like sweeties.
(p.s. Jackson sends smooches.)

Jean said...

Thanks for the info on horse colours/markings, EvenSong. I can sure see why the spots on his rump are called "paw prints" - they look just like a muddy-pawed little canine walked all over him!
And smooches right back at Jackson! He also has beautiful markings and a gorgeous two-toned mane!