Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Princess Belle is awfully quiet!

She hasn't issued one single command since being home. Sure never thought I'd be dying to hear that annoying every-ten-second imperious bark of hers!

She is alert, watching all that is going on, and is drinking a little water when I offer it to her, and has even managed a few shaky steps when I carried her outside to the grass. But she will not eat at all, anything.

The vet sent me home with pills instead of injections, pills which are supposed to be taken with food, and the Princess is expert at spitting them out, resisting having them crushed and squirted in through a syringe, and generally keeping them from reaching her gut. I will enlist the help of a neighbour later this morning, and if we are still unsuccessful will try to get injectibles from the vet as we had discussed.

My own vet, a mobile vet, is coming tomorrow morning to see both Charley and Sadie (Charley has massive diarrhea now - my life is sooooo much fun!), so I will also have her advise me on Belle. Hopefully by then I will have the results of the bile acid test.


Janice Gillett said...

Glad she is home Jean and hopefully this will pick up her spirits as well and rally !!

sobe said...

why are they all worrying their mommy so?

sending healing vibes and sanity vibes your way!!!