Thursday, June 24, 2010

The good news and the bad news....

WE WON! THE COWICHAN VALLEY SPCA WON! Thanks to all who voted.....we won the Sun FM's SuperGive contest, with a grand prize of $25,000 in free advertising, and the station's commitment to fundraise another $25,000 cash for us this year.

I was sitting in my car in Abbotsford listening to the radio for the announcement. I think they probably heard my shout of excitement all the way back to Duncan.

I made a rush trip to the mainland this week, stopping by Hearts on Noses to discuss a grant proposal, visiting a friend and former colleague to admire her horses, and then the real purpose of my trip - to check in on my mom. Who, as it happens, was not doing at all well. Which meant we spent the morning at the clinic instead of having a nice lunch out or going to the park for a picnic. Not fun.

No more fun than getting rear-ended on the trip over, by an 18 year old with an N licence - his third accident, and so now the roads will be safer for a year as he loses his licence. Fortunately his vehicle took the brunt of the impact, but it is still a hassle to have to file a claim, meet with ICBC, get the new van repaired, etc. Not to mention the number it played on my already sore back.

And no more fun than watching the car in front of me get creamed by a post which a ferry employee steered the driver into. Or listening to the ridiculous attempts of the ferry personnel to deny any reponsibility and place it all on the driver of the car. Apparently, even if a person in uniform tells us to move forward and to the right we have the complete right to simply stop our car whereever we want on the ferry deck and refuse to move it. Who would have thought?

Anyway, I'm tired, it's been a long day, and tomorrow I shall post some photos of horsies and dogs and other neat things.

Thanks again for your votes on the SuperGive.


EvenSong said...

Congratulations!! I couldn't vote from down here, but my best wishes were in your corner (your=CVSPCA).
Sorry to hear that your trip to the mainland had more low points than high--that takes a lot out of you. Fender-benders are a hassle, but Moms not doing well is much more of a concern. Hope she's feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Woohoooo, how great for the Duncan SPCA... and for you for writing it! Congratulations to all!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
Congradulations on winning the SPCA contest.
Sorry to hear about your mom, hope she feels better soon. I'm glad to hear your accident was not worse that it could have been, although your back probably disagrees with my statement.
Love your patio pics, your flowers are looking better than mine.