Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunsets and Smiles

I think this is one of the most spectacular places in British Columbia for amazing sunsets and sunrises. Last night, the sky was washed with streaks of red running parallel to the horizon, as if someone had dipped their brush in watercolors and gently brushed them across the sky:

Today, I took Charley and Sadie to Osborne Bay Park, our favourite offleash area. The fields are awash with white daisies, and tall grasses sway in the light ocean breeze.

I think the dogs were pretty darn happy:

Even these flowers looked happy, and the little bug on the daisy seemed pretty happy, too, waving his tiny antennae around in the breeze:

And one last happy picture - yesterday I was going through some old photos from my days in Mission, and came across one of Princess Belle and the piggies. It made me smile to see her smile:

Simple things, sunsets and smiles, but oh so important for a balanced life.

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EvenSong said...

Oh, I do LOVE happy smiling puppy dog faces. Oh, and also daisies. Some of life's many blessings.