Thursday, April 8, 2010

Windy Walks

The Blustery Day

It was a blustery day with mostly sunny skies. Thick puffy clouds shone pink and gold beneath a clear blue sky shortly after sunrise. Oliver, Charley and I headed to the beach, where Oliver paddled in the water as the wind blew the sand from his fur. I always think of the "Lake of Shining Waters" named by Anne of Green Gables when I see the morning sunlight dancing on the rippling ocean surface. A cat watched from the shoreline:

Oliver paddling

Windswept fur

Ocean of shining waters

Peeping Cat

Later in the day, I took Charley and Sadie to Osborne Bay Park. A mudslide had closed part of the trail to the beach, and fallen boughs were everywhere. As the wind picked up, I decided it was time to turn around - no need to repeat yesterday's close call. It was the dogs' first trip in the new van - Sadie approved, Charley did not.

Dogs on a sun-dappled trail

Windswept Charley

Happy Sadie

We stopped to photograph some flowers in the field. I didn't notice the little bug (click on photo to enlarge image) on the dandelion until I downloaded the images.

Bug on a dandelion


Flowers on low-growing nettles

I took these three yesterday along the seawalk - rosehips, red currant, and Oregon grape:

In the morning I am off to help with the shearing of the alpacas on the farm where Martin lives, and then over to Saltspring Island to pick up my granddog Becky who will stay with me for the weekend while her mom and dad attend a workshop there. A busy day ahead!

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Anonymous said...

As always Jean, fabulous photography!

Sadie, you look so "kool" in your new Red Rocket! Tell Charley for me to get with the program... lol.

When do the Princess and the little orange Polar Bear get to go for their cruise about town?????

Say hi to Martin for me.