Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oxymorons and Metaphors

If a phrase that contradicts itself is an oxymoron, then a beautiful flower that stinks must be Mother Nature's version of that same concept. I thought about this on the walk to Crofton Lake yesterday, as I came across this beautiful scene, where the sun filters through the moss-covered trees and reflects in the water, spotlighting the beautiful yellow flowers:

And the beautiful flowers, Skunk Cabbage, smell like....well....skunks. An oxymoron in nature.

But that's not all. The people who go into the woods to enjoy nature add another level to the oxymoron:

And that brings me to metaphors:

We can focus on the smell, which though unpleasant, we can do little about. We can focus on the beauty of the flower, and appreciate the joy it brings. Or we can focus on the can that someone so carelessly tossed aside. All three are reality, but our reaction to the scene depends on our focus.

Kinda like my post of yesterday. Nature as a metaphor for animal rescue work. What you choose to focus on will influence your description and assessment of the subject.

We can pick up the can and take it home, leaving the place beautiful once more even if the unpleasant smell still remains. Metaphorical on so many levels.

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