Saturday, April 3, 2010

After the Storm

The storm is over, and other than being without power much of the day yesterday, Crofton seems to have escaped relatively unscathed, unlike Mill Bay marina just south of here which was totally destroyed.

It is still gusty and rainy and cold, but Oliver was able to get down to the water for a little dip today, and Charley and Sadie both had a nice walk on the beach too. The RV park along the shore is full with weekend revellers - how anyone can consider it "fun" to be living in a trailer two feet from another trailer, with music blaring and kids screaming, I will never understand. My idea of a weekend getaway, in the days before I took on so many dogs, was a deserted forestry site miles from anywhere, with my good friends Ann and Ken and a guitar and a fishing rod.

And now the power is back on, the dogs are duly exercised, and I am impatiently awaiting some very exciting news from my friend Ellen and her doggy pal Kinley.......very impatiently....very very impatiently..........

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