Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guess what de Easter Bunny brunged us!!

He brunged us DIS:

Our mama sez he brunged it fer us dogs, not fer her, cuz if it waz fer her it wud be a little blue sportscar.

He knowed us dogs needed a minivan cuz it waz very, very hard to climb up into the pathfinder and the ramp doesn't work wiv that vehicle. And besides our old car was breakin' down and had a LOT of kilometers on it from all the trips to the parks wiv us dogs.

Actshully, de Easter Bunny told us about it, but our mama don't get to pick it up until tomorrow cuz ...well....fer sum stoopid reason to do wiv not havin' time to wait fer the insurance peoples today because she had to get home to let the little leaky dogs outta the house. Me 'n Charley, we can hold our pee fer a loooooong time, 'specially if it means we's gonna get to go fer a ride in our new car!

Anyways, tomorrow we gets our new van! Our mama sez her old car better not get stolen tonight, cuz she's already signed de paperwork.

Love Sadie


Anonymous said...

Nice Wheels!

Love Kinley and Logan

Choo/Irene said...

Oh, you lucky dog(s)!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice van!!!!!
Is it just the picture or is the colour the same as mine.
When do we get to go for a ride in it.


Jean said...

I think it is a brighter red than your van, Else - very cheery bright red like a rosy apple. And we can go for a ride any time! First stop - find a small storage locker, so I have somewhere to stash the rear seats. LOL

Janice Gillett said...

Very slick Jean, congrats!!