Friday, April 9, 2010

Becky's here!

My granddog Becky is with me for the weekend. My daughter and son-in-law adopted Becky from Vancouver Animal Shelter a couple of years ago. Like mother, like daughter - they chose to adopt a senior. Becky is thought to be about twelve years old. She is likely an australian shepherd/border collie mix. Like my senior crew, she has a tendency to be a little leaky. Unlike my crew, she loves to play frisbee, carry soft toys around, and pull on the leash. Oh, and she likes to eat cats for lunch ......well, to catch and shake skunks at BBQs. Allie is confined to my office for the weekend.

Becky has stayed with me at the farm, and visited my home here in Crofton with her mom and dad last fall, so she is no stranger to my dogs. Charley is infatuated with her, following her everywhere, wanting to be BFFs. The others are feeling quite left out.

Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

Wanna be my Best Friend Forever?

Humph! What're we - chopped liver?

Ha ha ha! We made a joke! Dogs LOVE chopped liver!

Can I go in now?

I am NOT amused.


sobe said...

Allie, we feel your pain! Did mom not ask you first if it was ok for Becky to sleep over?

Offices have tons of paper to shred....

Black Jack's Carol said...

Aw, Charley, don't fall TOO much in love, but hope you and your Mom have a great visit with Becky and her mom and dad! Becky, you sure are a cutie! I'm so glad you lucked into such a perfect family. As for the rest of you, hang in there. Couldn't you TRY to enjoy the moment? No, huh?

Jean said...

Sobe, I confess I did not ask Allie's permission for Becky to sleep over. And I do believe I hear some shredding going on in there - though I think it might be the rug, sofabed, and office chair rather than paper.....

Carol, the trio are still sulking though not quite as much. Charley walked with Oliver this morning, then Sadie walked with Becky. The Princess, of course, doesn't walk with anyone - that would be beneath her. She demands personal one-on-one attention.
Becky's mom and dad are attending a yoga workshop on Saltspring this weekend, so she is here all by herself. It's much easier to spoil the grandchild/dog when the parents aren't around - LOL.

Alphamutt said...

Becks, you look great! Your (outdated *hint* *hint*) update is on the "Happy Beginnings" Board at VAS. Your mom, dad and Grandma are really lucky you chose them out of all the people in the world. You didn't even give up during that weird pre-adoption situation. Good dog.