Sunday, April 25, 2010

Luger is Lost

Luger is one of our Wednesday Walking Crew. He was also believed to be the father of my beloved Caleb, and was seized at the same time as Caleb from their abusive owner. At that time, he had a broken leg that was left untreated and dangled uselessly. The SPCA had the leg amputated and Luger was first fostered, then adopted by Karen. He is a sweet boy who adores his mom and keeps his eye on her all the time - except today.

Today Karen, Luger and friends were hiking in Copper Canyon, near Chemainus, where they tried a new trail. It petered out and ended in very rough, steep terrain that sloped steeply down to the river below. When Karen blew her whistle for all the dogs to gather for a head count, Luger was missing.

We searched until dark tonight with no luck. Tomorrow a woman with a tracking dog will be coming to help search. To my readers in the North Cowichan area, if you are walking your dogs in the Mt. Sicker, Copper Canyon, or Grace Rd areas, please watch for him. And please spread the word to others who might be in this area.
Karen has posted a $1000 reward.

Luger, stay strong and stay safe. Let yourself be found.

Please send positive vibes, prayers, whatever anchors your faith.....we need Luger home.


Anonymous said...

Oh Luger, please please please let yourself be found!

Such a handsome boy...

Praying from across the water,

Sheryl said...

Fingers and paws crossed for Luger's safe return.

Anonymous said...

We just got back for searching the area and the river bank (both sides)as much as we could. Some places are a steep drop to the river and impossible to get down to the river. Unfortunately we came up empty handed. The search will continue tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Please keep Luger safe and let his people find him well tomorrow. Please.


Jean said...

No luck today. Many people went out and search both sides of the canyon, but much of it is impossible to access. There are steep, sheer cliffs, white water, waterfalls, treachery everywhere. In the couple of places where people could get down, there was no sign of dogprints or anything. We are enlisting help from animal communicators, white water rafters (it is a Class 4 and 5 river, best in winter and spring, according to their website), and of course everyone is pitching in to do whatever they can be it putting up posters, patrolling the roads, or creeping down cliffs with a rope around the waist.
I have to come over to the mainland in the morning for a couple of days - if it wasn't for my mom, I would cancel it.
Keep those prayers/positive vibes coming, please. The communicator did offer us a tiny glint of hope.

Black Jack's Carol said...

My heart and thoughts are with Karen, with all of you working so hard to help, and with Luger, who I am hoping will be back with his Mom tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Aw Jean. I sure hope Luger finds his way home. We're keeping him in our thoughts for a safe return.

Deb S. & co.

Jean said...

No luck yet. We are not giving up - I remember how long Jim's Misty was lost on the dikes, and I know of other dogs that have been found two, three, four weeks later - one even three months later!
Help comes from many sources- Karen has old trappers and loggers who know the area inside out, as well as kayakers and an ultralight pilots all willing to help out. A stranger found this blog and emailed to give us access through their property to the river; SPCA volunteers and staff come out to help search as do other dog-lovers and caring people.
Keep those positive thoughts coming - we need to find this boy!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Thanks for the update, Jean. Luger is very much on my mind, and like you, I do not give up hope.

King said...

Paws crossed for you to be found Luger. Stay strong, your people are searching for you buddy!