Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Princess and the Pesky Pupper

Princess Belle was in fine form today. She started out by insisting (as only a sheltie princess can) that I take her for a walk this morning. So after Oliver and Charley's morning walk, I headed back out with the Princess. Belle often chooses not to go for a walk - and there is no mistaking her message when that is the case - and when she does choose to go, it is usually a short pre-bedtime stroll just a half block down and back. This morning, however, she refused to turn around when I suggested we head back, and ended up walking almost four blocks. I really thought she would sleep the rest of the day.

But no - with the exception of a couple of hours when I had to go out, she spent the day bossing everyone around. She nagged all of us continually - get outta my way, move, I want that bed, get outta my crate, feed me, bring me fresh water..... the Princess is a Little Dictator.

And then there was the photoshoot episode. I was trying to photograph the birds nesting in the back yard when Ms. Belle started bark-nagging. Bark.pause.Bark.pause.Bark.pause.Bark. I finally figured out she wanted me to point the little black box at HER, to heck with the birdies in their nest. The rest of the shoot went something like this:

You may take my picture now


Mommm he's touching me!

Okay, one shot together.

I said ONE!

Older brothers are such teases!


Karen said...

I love Oliver...he's such a distinguished old gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Oh Belle, you are SUCH a princess. We are so glad to see you are in fine form. You go girl! Just keep on keeping everybody in line!

From your loyal followers in Langley. All hail Princess Belle!

Deb, Riley, Rupert, Jasper and G. Snap.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful senior lucky they are to have your attention and care Jean. Thanks for the post about Oliver and Belle - they are so very lovely.

Glad to hear Belle is still the boss of you!


Black Jack's Carol said...

I love it when seniors assert their rights! So glad that Belle and Oliver each have found perfect ways to make their needs known to you, and that you are such a good listener!

Love the pictures and the hilarious captions!

EvenSong said...

Methinks Miss, er... Princess Belle must be ill...with spring fever! What an attitude she has!