Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thirteen Friends and a Garden Party

Yesterday my friends Deb, Sharon and Ellen came over for a farewell picnic in anticipation of my move to the island. We had a wonderful afternoon in the sunshine with good food, champagne, laughter and...what else?.... DOGS!

Sharon brought her sheltie, Crystal. Ellen brought the whippet boyz. Deb brought Riley and Ginger Snap. And of course my four were right in the middle of the melee.

Crystal is another Sheltie Princess like my Belle, but where Belle doesn’t hesitate to get right in the thick of things if there is something to be had (like treats or simply attention), Crystal is more aloof and prefers to watch from a distance. By the end of the afternoon, she was right next to the table with the rest of the crew.

After initial greetings, and aside from frequent excursions for treats, Belle also resumed her Princessly countenance, retiring to a shady spot on the grass where she lay with daintly crossed paws and observed her Royal Sheltiedom.

Riley could be Charley’s twin – well, that would have to be fraternal twin because they are not identical. But when we look at them side by side, we can see that Charley (who is border collie/rough collie cross) definitely inherited more of the rough collie traits than the border collie. Other than missing the tri-colour, she has the looks and temperament of Riley who is purebred rough collie.

The whippet boyz consider this their second home (well, maybe third home since they also visit their Grandma and Grandpa a lot), so after an initial run around the yard, they each found a cosy spot for a nap. Cisco took full advantage of the comfy lawn furniture - for some reason he always gravitates to my favourite chairs, whether they be inside or out!

Kinley preferred the cool grass, closer to the humans and the treats:

It wasn't long before both whippets decided to commandeer the comfy furniture. The hoomans could sit on the hard, backless picnic bench.

Oliver followed around behind each of the others, being his sweet easy-going little self and making sure he didn't miss out on any of the treats.

And Sadie decided Deb was the next best thing to chicken jerky, hauling all seventy-two pounds of herself onto Deb's lap at every opportunity.

But the show-stopper of the day was clearly Ginger Snap. This was my first meeting with Ginger Snap. I am In Love. We are all In Love. This tiny little furball is the happiest, most entreating, endearing little character I have met in a long time. Gregarious, not the least intimidated by the Big Dogs, she is VERY treat motivated and absolutely quivers with excitement where food is involved. She hung out under the picnic table, poking her happy little face out whenever fingers with food moved within her range.

Oh, and one last shot - Sharon impressed us all with her ability to open beer bottles with her feet! Turns out there's a bottle opener embedded in the bottom of her sandals - I need some of these! (The beer I drink doesn't have a twist-off cap!):

It was a great afternoon, the best of the best, and one I won't soon forget. Thanks Deb, Sharon and Ellen (and all the dogs) for making it so special.


Janice Gillett said...

And what a beautful setting for a party with the sun shining!! How nice of everyone to get together for you Jean!! Are you done with work yet?

Patience-please said...

What a lovely lovely day! Lovely dogs (and of COURSE the whippets get the comfy chairs: it's a Rule) and good friends.
Does it get any better?
Thanks for sharing it.


Jean said...

Janice, I'm pretty much all done with work - just a few emails drifting in from students, a little pension-related paperwork to deal with, and a couple of boxes to bring home.

Janice Gillett said...

Man you msut feel good, like a huge weight has been lifted ..your freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Dear Anty Jeen,

Tanks so much for the luuuvly afternoon. I never bin to a garden party before. It was FUN. And Anty Ellen is my most favourite anty of all 'cause she has the BEST treets and she has LOTS of dem. I was vewy-vewy-vewy-vewy tired last nite. Deb said I was coma-toes, whatever that meens -- my toes felt fine but I was pertty sleeply and my tummy was vewy-vewy-vewy full! I can't wait to come see you at your new house, espeshly if Anty Ellen is gonna be dere.

Your li'l frend,
Ginger Snap

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jean, and your 4-leggeds, for hosting the rest of us at your country paradise!

Sharon & Crystal

Anonymous said...

It sure was a delightful afternoon in the most wonderful company of friends and dog lovers. And what a joy that little Ginger Snap was. I have rarely seen such a little dog hold her own with as much personality as she did among the big ones. Ginger, you are the bestest little dog in the world, well, after my Toby that is... And since you declined to be an honorary herding dog, even for one day, the Whippetboyz would like to make you an honorary sighthound... You can come live with us anyday!

Anty Ellen

Beverly said...

Ha...ya'll will be whatever-breed turned to Pomunist like me soon :) Ginger Snap looks a lot like my Carmen...but with teeth lol. I never imagined when I adopted a pom what a huge character & influence she would be in a cool way.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Ginger Snap sweet. I got to meet her and lovely Riley when picking up my painting of dear Caymus last year..Ginger Snap was just determined she must meet who was on the other side of the door. She is too cute. Also Deb's cat is the most social personality going. He just wants to be loved up. I bet he would have fit in very well with all the people and dogs.

Enjoy retirement Jean. I think it is the best thing going and am so thankful to be healthy to enjoy it.

Regards Cheryl

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great picnic and fun was had my all.
Great pictures.