Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Charley's Inner Pup

Eleven year old Charley is usually my serious girl - the fun police, the tattler, who comes running to me whenever any of the others are doing anything they shouldn't be doing. She's the one who lets me know if the cat has slipped out or a sheltie needs to go pee or someone is roaming where they are not supposed to roam. She comes to the side of my bed to wake me in the morning as soon as Belle stumbles out of bed (Princess Belle believes in getting up at the crack of dawn), and she watches through the bedroom window to make sure neighbours stay where they belong and intruders don't open our gate.

But every now and then, her inner pup s q u e e z e s past the serious side of her, and that is when she play bows to her siblings and chases them around the pasture, or dances around my feet and tries to herd me to the cookie jar, or rolls in the grass or the alpaca poop in sheer ecstasy.

Last night, her inner pup had her playing "cute, coy puppy" on the couch. And so, here for your entertainment, is Charley Girl, in a moment of gay abandon:

Silly Charley!


Black Jack's Carol said...

I'll comment for the last three blog entries. I've been a bit out of touch, but hope to get back on track by the weekend. First, Emma. I love the photos and her exuberance in the video. Although I know you don't see her as often as you would like, I'm very happy that you manage to stay in touch, and play a good game of ball with her. Just a side note: your voice sounded rather like mine to me, although that could just be my perception of how my voice sounds. As for Turtle Gardens - I read Yvette's blog almost every day, but I also read Carol's blog at SAINTS and am torn between them. How to choose??? Finally, the photos of Charley are just precious. Lovely when the serious persona can be put aside once in a while for some fun and cuteness.

Anonymous said...

Charley, you are just delightful!


Janice Gillett said...

I want a Charlie!!! ;o)))

Jean said...

Carol, maybe our voices just sound alike because we are (I think) more or less the same age - no longer the high pitched, fast paced, squeaky excited voices of youth! LOL
As for the Shelter Challenge - there are so many worthy organizations involved, aren't there? When I have to choose which of two or more reputable rescues/shelters to support, I ask myself, what other sources of funding are available to these organizations - volunteers who fundraise and who help with the physical labour or write grant proposals, corporate sponsors/supporters who hold fundraising affairs, proximity to a population who will attend fundraisers or hold garage sales or donate funds into donation cans, etc. While all rescues/shelters need help, my personal support tends to go to the underdogs, those with fewer human and financial resources to draw from. But that's just me.

Janice, today you may have Charley - I came home from a few hours out and found wall to wall poops which I'm pretty sure are hers. She's the queen of the "Waddle and Poop" Walk, and these were definately pooped while waddling!

Anonymous said...

Oh Charley!! Please let your inner puppy show more - sooooo cute with that coy little look to the side. You can just tell she KNOWS she is adorable.

xo Katherine and Possum

Black Jack's Carol said...

Those were helpful ideas in choosing the shelter, Jean. Thanks.

As for our voices, you could be right, although I'm fairly certain I have a few years on you - I don't think you've hit the big 6 yet. But, we have other things in common too. I know you like to sing, and there was a "teacher" tone of encouragement, and I could also feel that little thrill in the voice - the one that comes when you share play with an animal.