Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In my own backyard

The hike to Crofton Lake

I have been walking the big dogs around our new town, getting to know its paths and beaches, streets and stairways. It is such a small town, that I thought I had pretty much seen all within walking distance of the house. However, I'm still not familiar with the places within a short drive, so when Else phoned to suggest a hike to Crofton Lake I jumped at the opportunity to check out yet another dog-friendly area.

To my surprise, the trail begins just at the end of my road - about five blocks away. An obscure trail off the end of the dead-end and through the bush opens onto a wider old roadway.

Dogs on the trail

Charley on the trail

A very gentle 20 minute climb, and we were there - a beautiful lake accessible only on foot, set amidst trees and a backdrop of mountains.

Crofton Lake

Crofton Lake

Ripples on the water

Lilies just starting to bloom

The dogs ran and ran and ran. Else's dogs, Tess and Archie, didn't hesitate to jump in the water; Charley and Sadie chose to stay on dry land though Sadie took great delight in slopping her way through the biggest and the best of the mud puddles.

Tess and Archie

At the end of the day, we had happy, happy dogs and I had discovered another great place right in my own back yard.




Janice Gillett said...

How perfect is that!!! Archie reminds me so much of my Jingle Bell.. sigh I saw the pcitures of him before laying up near a log and thought does that ever look like her and now seeing a clsoe up they could of been from the same litter exept my Jingle was much older...

Jean said...

Janice, Archie is EXACTLY like Jingle - size, looks, personality! It is uncanny.
I think Else said Archie is 11 or maybe it was 12 - I seem to think Jingle was 17 when she passed away last year?

Jean said...

Oh, and Janice - Else has a third dog, Hugo, who is a rotti (or rotti cross?) who looks and acts an awful lot like your Buddy!

Janice Gillett said...

Yes Jingle was almost 17 years old.. ;o((( Else must send me her Archie!!! its like looking at her live again.

Anonymous said...

Jingles must have been a lovely dog if she was anything like Archie. Archie is 11 and can still run circles around most dogs.
He has two speeds, on his back on the couch or full out run.
Janice I asked Archie what he thought and he said he will be glad to share pictures of himself but he is much to fond of his couch to move. LOL I hope Arch has as long a life as your Jingle Bell.

Janice Gillett said...

Jingle was fast here too and an awesome working dog. Loyal to who ever needed her and guardian of all.
One day i came out front to her barking. There my cat Luke was ready to pounce and it was then i saw the bird fly off and out of danger.
Tell your Archie he is so very sepeical to me too.