Monday, May 4, 2009


I haven't posted pics of my Emma, the happy happy happy lab, for a while. She lives with my ex, and I have visitation rights - not much, but enough to maintain my connection to her. You can read her story here.

I visited her the other night and took some new pics of my happy, bouncy girl - that dog sure does love to play ball!

Play wiv me?

Happy dog

Slobber ball?

I haz Big Tongue!

All tired out

And one video, showing her obsession with ball AND that she still remembers the basic lessons I taught her:


Janice Gillett said...

LOL happy girl is right!!!

Anonymous said...

How on earth did you teach Emma to drop the ball into your hand. I need some lessons. Playing ball with Possum consists of me throwing it...him RACING after it..and then trotting around with it in his mouth while I follow behind waiting for him to drop it and sniff something so that we can go through the same process all over again. What a good girl Emma is - so well trained. WE (Poss and I) need some work! LOL

:o) Katherine

mike said...

I love Emma's smiley face!

Jean said...

Katherine, I taught the "drop it" command by placing my hand just below her mouth and offering her a treat with the other hand - when the ball dropped it landed in my hand! Gradually, I moved the hand further back so she had to bring it to the hand and drop it in. If she dropped the ball too soon and didn't make it to the hand, she didn't get the treat until she had picked up the ball and put it in my hand.
She's almost as treat-crazy as she is ball-crazy, so training her was really quite easy!

Anonymous said...

Emma is lovely and obviously enjoyed your time together! Your training shows!

But I did notice, and not likely something you can control at this point since you just have visitation rights - she doesn't have any tags on her collar? No id tags?

I just worry, even with tattoos/microchips I still have a lot of id bling on my gal....


Jean said...

Sharon, I think her tags must have come off - she has always had them on before, and even has an up-to-date licence. We had problems with losing tags before - if she doesn't have any on next visit, I'll email the ex and mention it, though I'm sure he's noticed.

My crew generally don't wear collars at home - therefore no tags when at home - I am always afraid of them getting caught on something when I'm not here.

However, Emma had her usual collar on so I think the tags fell off.

Anonymous said...

Jean Emma is as lovely as ever. Oh how she would enjoy the Wed walks.