Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pu p p i e s !!!!

Today, my friend Else asked me to photograph two litters of pups for the SPCA. Her friend Karen is fostering them, and they are now nine weeks old. I cannot imagine looking after THIRTEEN nine-week-old pups! Hopefully the pics will help them find their forever homes before Karen loses her mind!

There is a little blond one who looks like my Emma when she was a pup. There are several brindles, who look like my Caleb might have looked as a pup. There were black and tan ones and black and white ones, and every single puppy was cute, active, and simply adorable!

Here's some of my favourite pics from the day:

And in case you are wondering, I still only have four dogs, all seniors. I've given into enough temptation this week.


Anonymous said...

O'Bear says he'll take all of them. When I told him no he asked for the one with the brindle face poking through the wires and the black and white face in the second last picture.I agreed they would be my choices too but told him that with two people facing surgery within the year, and moving,and landlords that don't want pets it was impossible. That quietened him -and his mouth. So we'll wish them a happy life in a loving home.

One further word on the table. Many people go on trips to celebrate their retirement -you bought a table at a fraction of the cost of a trip. (We are not counting the move -that is a life change.)

Wishing you an uncomplicated transition with no further nasty and expensive surprises.


Big Sis and O'Bear

Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out gret Jean.