Sunday, May 31, 2009

Living the Simple Life

I have been simplifying my life by disposing of lots of items I have been dragging from house to house to house for much of my adult life.

But "simplify" took on a new meaning last night, when one of the key electrical circuits in this old house gave up the ghost. Fortunately all the kitchen outlets are still intact, but everything else is kaput.

And so I am living the simple life until an electrician can get here - hopefully tomorrow. I have run a power cord to the rest of the house, but only to run one item at a time so I don't overload the kitchen circuit - and with temps in the very high twenties (celsius), that one item is usually a fan.

So, I'm limiting myself to a quick morning and evening check-in on the computer. Of course, my digital housephone is also down (the hazards of new technology - even the phone requires electricity) - so if anyone is trying to reach me, please call the cell.


Patience-please said...

Memories of the ice storm here last winter...
Hang in!

Anonymous said...

Shades of pioneer days, or a test of winters here. LOL Thankfully the outages usualy only last a few hours.

Else who loves her wood stove.