Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yesterday was AWESOME!

Yvette greets friends old and new

The Turtle Gardens Walk in the Park was an great success, with an incredible turnout of humans and dogs, perfect weather, a beautiful park, tasty treats, and lots of laughter. It was so great to meet Yvette in person after having known her only in cyberspace for the last three years. But what was the most touching part of all was watching her face as dogs who had once been in her care came running to greet her and as she saw all around her the proof that her incredibly hard work at socializing dogs and her careful matching of potential adopters to dogs had been worth every minute.

I could never have imagined so MANY dogs, some on leashes, some not, some big, some small, some young pups, some old, all spending a couple of hours milling around each other while their humans chatted without a single altercation. These are happy, well socialized dogs living with loving, dog-savvy owners and it sure shows! What a tribute to Turtle Gardens!

It was great fun for me to meet some of the readers of this blog, most of whom recognized me by Belle, ever the dainty little princess holding court among her subjects.

Sadie and Belle had a little walk when we got there, which was all they could manage - so we didn't go on the big group walk. But I did take a ton of photos which I'll be forwarding to Yvette to use as she pleases. However, as I know she won't be back home for a few days I thought I would post some of my favourites here - with a big apology to the dogs whose names I can't remember!

The Treat Man was a huge attraction:

Check out the tongue action on this one!:

Treatman always asked the two-legged guests before giving their dog a treat. This dog's human didn't hear him calling, and the drool got longer, and longer, and longer....

There were so many wonderful dogs! This one is Meesha, which means "beautiful eyes":

And this is Sage:

Here's Gray Ghost:

Look at this happy face!:

And so many others, enjoying their special day:

Belle gets some lovings from a new friend:

And so does Sadie:

A great day for all, a great success story for Turtle Gardens. I can't wait to hear Yvette tell of her experiences on the Turtle Gardens blog.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh such a bunch of happy dogs. It must be good for the soul to see all those dogs that got a chance because of Turtle Gardens.

Anonymous said...

What a very happy get together. Kudos to Yvette and Turtle Gardens for doing such a great job.


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