Saturday, August 23, 2008

Doggy Pals

I love watching my dogs wandering around side-by-side like two best friends out for a stroll. Today, as I sat at the top of the pasture, I looked back down the path to see that Charley and Belle had lagged behind to investigate an interesting smell. There they were, big dog and little dog, black dog and sable dog, nose-to-nose-to-ground, heads bobbing and tails wagging. If I could have heard them, I’m sure their conversation would have gone something like this:

B: This is interesting. What do you think it is?

C: It has that wild doggy odor to it. Male coyote, I think.

B: Hmmmm. Yes, I agree. I wonder if he is still around – I don’t wish to become his lunch.

C: Nah, mom wouldn’t have let us into the pasture if he was close by. Besides, she’s watchin’ out for us up there on the hill. In fact, I think I hear her calling us now. C’mon, let’s go!

A few minutes later, Charley came bounding up the hill, dainty Princess Belle doing the royal saunter close behind. We sat for a bit and then I took Lily, my shih tzu houseguest who was on the long training leash, for a walk around the top part of the field. I looked back and there were Charley and Sadie, standing side by side looking to the west.

S: See anything?

C: Nope. You?

S: Just the lonely llama in the fields to the north.

[Pause...silent contemplation...dogs continue to stare.]

S: I wonder where the mini horses are, the ones that usually live in that field over yonder?

C: It’s Saturday. The humans sleep in. They are probably still in their barn.

S: Hmmm. Yeah, that’s probably it.

[Long pause; more staring].

S: Well, time to go back to the house. You comin’?

C: Yep, right behind ya.

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Anonymous said...

Your dogs have good lives, so happy they enjoy each other! And thank you for sharing it with us.