Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sick dogs, tired dogs, wet dogs, sad dogs,
Visiting dogs, my dogs, hairy dogs, old dogs,
Young dogs, lonely dogs, lost dogs, glad-to-see-you dogs.

My life has gone to the dogs.

Lily the houseguest went home today; Friday, Tina the lab puppy will return for a couple of days as there was a death in the family and they will be attending a funeral.

Classes start Tuesday and I’m nowhere near ready; a funding application for Hearts on Noses is due Friday and my creative juices aren’t flowing but my part of it has to be completed tonight for sure; the pigs haven’t been in the pasture all week as I’ve been at work so they are cranky as heck; the big Turtle Gardens raffle draw and walk in the park is this Saturday and I’m sure not missing that!

My hips hurt from too much sitting at a desk; I still need to go shopping for a couple of tops and jackets for work; I really should go visit my almost-90 year old mom; the grass badly needs cutting but it is too wet right now; the barn roof is leaking like crazy so I need to do something about that SOON or I’ll have wet, moldy, combustible straw in there, not to mention a ton of ruined tools; and the pig yard is six inches deep in mud and I have to correct that problem before it gets worse. I had to turn away a friend who wanted to visit for a few days, because I knew I had waaay too much on my plate.

I went for a walk in the field with my dogs to regain my sense of perspective, and saw a snake. Not a problem for me – I think they are quite beautiful and interesting. Unfortunately, the dogs thought it was interesting too. Snap, pounce, snap, chomp, YUCK!

Then I picked some blackberries – nice, plump, juicy, wild blackberries that have never been near any kind of pesticide. Yum. Ate a big handful. As I was savoring the last little bit, I felt something very un-blackberryish between my cheek and my gum. Fished it out, expecting a piece of straw or leaf. A WORM!!! YUCK, DOUBLE YUCK! PTOOOOIIIII! GAG!!!! I looked at the blackberries remaining on the bush and realized there were little itty bitty worms all over them. Gawd knows how many I ate. Sigh. There goes my favourite treat – last time I found worms in food (it was brussel sprouts) it took fifteen years before I could stand to eat them again.

And so I sat on the bench at the top of the rise, breathed deeply, hugged my dogs, relaxed my muscles, and suddenly – BANG!!! A shot rang out, loud and clear, from somewhere behind my land. A minute later, two more. It was probably someone chasing away the bears that have been frequenting the area, but with me sitting on just the other side of several hundred feet of trees, with two big black furry dogs at my side, I was outta there. So much for my moment of peace.

Okay, I’m whining. I’m looking for sympathy (hey, at least I’m up front about it). You see, I admit there IS a downside to animal care and life in the country. Bring out the violins.

But, the reality is that the wonderful, soft, mushy, beautiful, peaceful, serene, golden, funny, loving, amazing, wonderous, incredible, awe-inspiring, heart warming moments more than balance out the not-so-great, worrisome, harried ones. In fact, there’s no competition – which is why this blog usually focuses on the parts of my life with the critters that bring smiles to my face.

Except when it doesn’t.

Like today.

Stay tuned ---- I’ll get over it. I shall carve out a little space for me and the critters and a big hunk of chocolate fudge brownie and in no time at all I’ll be back to writing about the joys of living where I live with the animals who share my life.

Meanwhile, send cyberhugs, sympathy and chocolate. Just don't send any blackberries with worms.


cynda said...

Shopping is great therapy for those bluesy days. And comfort foods like fudge brownies certainly help as well! (But don't tell that to your hips...heehee)
Do you like toffee crunch cookies,
raisin oatmeal cookies and white chocolate chip cookies? Cause I made
all 3 kinds for the TG reunion! 12 dozen cookies.
And I wouldn't have my life any other way except going to the dogs....

Jean said...

MMMMMM....raisin oatmeal and toffee crunch cookies!
But I gotta tell ya, Cynda, "white chocolate" is an oxymoron. If it's white, it's vanilla. The only "chocolate" that works for me is chocolate chocolate!!! LOL

Anonymous said...


You DO usually focus on the positive side so an occasional moment of touching on the ying/yang of life with the critters (and life in general) keeps it real. Consider yourself cyberhugged.


Anonymous said...

Awww Jean -- cyber-hugs, wet-nosed collie kisses, and some soothing pussy-cat purrs are beaming your way. I think you have a real case of the back-to-school blues and the fall-has-come-way-too-soon blahs. But this too shall pass. My recommendation: a glass of good red wine accompanied by some rich, dark chocolate. That will take your mind off your woes.


Hunde Haus said...

You SERIOUSLY made me gag when you found the worm in your mouth. UGH!!!!

Fibre....just keep thnking of the fibre provided by the blackberry sucking worm...


Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a downer day Jean. Rain, a leaky roof and going back to work will do that.
Hugs and wet dog kisses coming your way.