Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sumbody Chopped Down our Cherry Tree!!!

Story by Whisper

Sumbody chopped down our cherry tree, an’ Foster Mama sez it wasn’t George Washington. But it was sum guy with a big noisy machine that we didn’t like. Foster Mama stayed in our pen with us an' fed us slices of apple and rubbed our bellies and scooped our poop while the noise was going on. We stuck very close to her – so close she almost tripped over us! Tee hee!

We liked our cherry tree, which was right by the gate between the pasture and the back yard. In the spring, cherries fell on the ground and we got to eat them – Yum! Now we won’t get no cherries next year.

But Foster Mama sez the tree was rotten in the middle an’ it was leaning over towards the fences and might even go SMASH on top of the neighbour’s house in the middle of the night during a great big snow storm this winter. We thought that was pretty funny, but Foster Mama said the neighbours wouldn't think so.

We didn’t thinks the tree was dead because it had lotsa leaves, but we learned that trees often die from the inside out – specially fruit trees and maple trees and other delicious deciduous trees. An’ Foster Mama knew this one was dead cuz the wood peckers had drilled huge holes in it and also cuz one of the extra trunks had lost all its bark, an' the bottom couple of feet of the trunks were soft and rotten. So even though Mr. Tree could still make leaves and cherries, its roots and trunk were dead. Ya gotta have strong roots and trunk to weather a storm, my foster mama sez. She sez that applies to humans and piggies, too! Ha ha, that is funny - I don't got no roots on my trotters holding me to the ground! Silly Foster Mama!

When the man who chopped down the tree was gone, we gots to go out in the pasture and eat all the leaves. Well, not all of them ‘cuz we would get a tummy ache, but lots of them. That was fun.

Foster Mama thinks the wood is very booo-ti-ful.

We thinks it is bootiful too, but we can’t eat the wood so we will let Foster Mama have it. She sez we will have some nice campfires this fall in the campfire pit an' maybe we will even get some roasted marshy-mallows.

Now that sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Luv, Whisper.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that you lost your cherry tree but your Foster Mama is right about a rotten tree.
Take heart in the fact that cherry wood will make wonderful campfires for Foster Mama to roast you all marshmallows over.
Sometimes when you loose one thing you gain another. So take heart piggies, all is not lost and you did get to eat the yummy leaves.