Monday, August 11, 2008


Allie the cat says she is very happy that our houseguest has gone home and it is just the five of us again – well, eighteen if you include the outdoor animals. TJ’s family came home early, much to Allie’s relief as he thought cats were for chasing. Fortunately Allie has her own “suite” in the attic so still had a place to run, toys to play with, beds to sleep in, her litter box and her food and water….but she missed the social interaction and has been letting me know it by weaving around my feet, meowing loudly, and is right now wiping her long furry body back and forth right across my face as she paces along the edge of my desk between me and my computer. Aaaaackkkk - cat fur on my face and on my keyboard - I hate that!

I have been trying to teach her to stay off the desk, but today I am giving in as she is so needy. She has been a very patient girl this summer, putting up with bouncy pups and cat-chasing dogs, but now it is her turn for attention. And she wants everyone to know that she is really The One Who Rules The Roost around here – not Princess Belle, not Charley, not Sadie, and especially not me.

And She Who Rules the Roost says “No more houseguests for a while!”.

(Don’t feel bad, TJ, she’ll get over it! Besides, we all know Belle is the one who rules here – and Belle says little dogs are welcome!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
I feel bad for Allie having to hide in the attic because TJ was chasing her. I hope she gets a good break from any more houseguests like TJ.
Thanks Belle, Charley, Sadie and most of all Jean for caring for TJ all week.


Jean said...

No need to feel bad - she has a very comfy space up there, and she could come down (there is a cat door for her) any time we were outside or TJ was sleeping, if she felt so inclined. She spent MUCH longer than a week up there when Caleb first joined my family!