Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And our newest houseguest is.....


Little TJ is staying with us this week while his family attends a wedding in Kelowna. TJ came for a trial run on Friday and within minutes was just one of the pack.

He loves being outside in my big yard, and going for walks in the pasture, and his only frustration is that Charley keeps trying to get him to PLAY – and Charley is one of those BIG SCARY DOGS when you are just a wee little maltipoo. But TJ’s no dummy – he picked up that Sadie is the nurturer and caregiver of all visiting dogs here, and just stuck like glue to Sadie’s side (well, almost right under her belly!) so BIG SCARY DOG couldn’t pounce on him.

He has explored every inch of the yard, the house, and the perimeter of the fence, and has now settled on my lap. That’s always his favourite place because he knows when I visit him at his house, invariably I’m having tea or lunch with his mom, Lou, and I will sneak him little treats.

The best thing about looking after other people’s dogs is you can spoil them rotten and then send them home…….Heheheheheh!

Welcome, TJ. I hope you enjoy your visit here at Chez Critters.


Robyn said...

TJ looks pleased as punch to be there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jean i think you have missed or found your true calling!!! Do i see a doggy day care in your future??


Jean said...

Ha ha - a doggy daycare??? No way!!! I enjoy having the occasional canine visitor, but I am ever aware that there is a burden of responsibility that is far greater than looking after one's own dogs, and it can be a wee bit nerve wracking. I know my own dogs inside out - how they react around pigs, whether they can be trusted off leash at the dikes, what they like and don't like. Looking after other people's dogs is a whole different ball of wax, and the thought of doing it as a steady job is about as tempting as - well - a diet of lettuce and vinegar.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,family and T.J
Thanks for dog sitting for us Jean.
We miss him alot, we cant wait to see him, thanks for posting a picture for us.