Saturday, August 16, 2008

Boujie, find Jill!

Boujie, the little black lab that I wrote about the other day, is still missing. Jill of Chelco Farms posted this request on one of our rescue forums this morning:

PLEASE, EVERYONE .... PRAY that Boujie will hear our calls, TODAY. Please tell everyone you know to give Boujie the energy to listen for us calling her, and come when she hears. We can't tell you all how much myself, my hubby, and especially Abby appreciate the support you all have given to us over the last 40 days in our search for little Boujie. Having faith we will find her one day is the only hope we have, and we will not settle for anything less. Boujie was abandoned by her "so called" owner. She WON'T be by us.... Now, we will go with the hope of reporting to you all tonight that this little girl has been found. Jill

Jill, her husband Gary, and their dog Abby are once again out searching the area of southern Vancouver Island where Boujie was last seen. Whether you use prayer, visualization, positive thoughts, whatever your faith or beliefs, please find a moment today to help guide Boujie to Jill and safety.

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