Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well, it probably doesn't matter to anyone except me, but you may notice that the "Sitemeter" counter on the side of my blog is now gone. And just as I was reaching visitor number 10,000!!!!

This morning my blog couldn't be opened by those with internet explorer (including myself). Fortunately blogspot offers a good discussion forum as a first step in figuring stuff out, and there I discovered that those of us with Sitemeter (which was a free download, not related to Google/Blogspot) were having the same problem. Once I removed the sitemeter, the blog was again visible.

Anyone know of another good counter (preferably free, preferably showing me locations, entry pages, etc.) that I can add to this blog?


Karen said...

I use StatCounter and have never had a problem with it.

Shihtzu Staff said...

If you move it over to wordpress you will get all of those things in the blog stats feature. I know where all of my hits come from and how they get there. It also shows me how many times certain posts have been read and links clicked on from my blog. I highly recommend it. I believe you can migrate all of your posts over there but you would not have stats from your blogger hits.

Jean said...

I looked at wordpress when I first started looking for a way to start a blog, and it is FAR too technobabbly for me. I couldn't even figure out if I had the requirements for it (what the HECK is PHP or MySQL?????????), the first step of their process, let alone progress to the other steps. With Blogger, there was nothing to download, no special host requirements, nothing needed other than the ability to type. So I think I'll stick with blogger - the problem was with the sitemeter stuff, not with blogger. I'm very happy with blogger.

But I will have a look at StatCounter, since it's kinda fun to see how many people view the blog and from what countries/cities.

Shihtzu Staff said...

You don't have to do any of that stuff with wordpress! You just opt to have it hosted by them and then you just go. I have setup a blogger and a wordpress and they were both easy.