Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sadie has an owie!

Poor Sadie - she was licking her paw furiously yesterday and when I checked it, I couldn't see anything wrong with it. Some dogs will lick their paws out of anxiety or boredom. I don't think Sadie is bored here, but it is less than a month since her family gave her up so she may well be anxious and wondering where they are.

This morning she was limping and holding up her paw, so I had another look. She has a very raw spot, about the size of a penny, on her pad. I'm not sure if she chewed it during the night, or if it was some sort of blister that popped. So I wrapped it up and then she started licking the other paw!

Thanks to my online friend Nana and her dog MP, we still have some natural salve that they made for Caleb when he was licking his paws, so Sadie has just received a foot massage with the salve and is now resting. And I am off to the drug store for more vet wrap - purple, if they have it. I think Sadie would like purple.

She still ate a hearty breakfast and came on the walk in the pasture, so I don't think she has any deep-seated infection worthy of a long trip to an emergency vet. But tomorrow I will call my regular vet and get her in there - she needs a basic checkup anyway as I don't know if she received one while at the SPCA.

So, the day is fast slipping away. I spent an hour cleaning up piggy poop, another hour feeding and walking the dogs and mucking out the alpaca's pen, and this afternoon I am going over to Surrey to take Macy, Caleb's sister, out for a few hours. The bed's not made, the kitchen's not cleaned up, and of course there's always a stack of marking on my desk.

Oh...and stay tuned for information on two very important fundraisers coming up - a garage sale on March 22 to raise money for Hearts On Noses pig sanctuary, and a fundraiser on April 16 (tentatively) in which some great pitbulls will be helping raise funds for some equally great kids with cystic fibrosis. Even those far away from southwestern BC can show their support! More to follow!

Poor Sadie - no purple vet wrap so she had to settle for blue.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
I liked your sunset pictures from last night. I also enjoy sunrises ans sunsets, it always has a calming effect on me. T.J. enjoyed his early Sunday a.m. walk just when the sun was peeking over the hills.
Poor Sadie with her sore paw, hope she heals quickly.