Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When the dog drives you crazy - go talk to the cat!

It was one of those days.  I would gladly have given Eddie away free to a good-or-not-so-good home without a second thought.  He started his fidgeting and whining and annoying debarked (not by me - by an ignorant breeder eight years before he joined my crew) bark at 5:30 AM - his signature "MOM, I'M STARVING GET UP GET UP GET UP" noises.  

Of course, that woke up Shiloh, who desperately has to go outside to pee the moment she wakes up.  I took her out, brought her back in, tossed some kibble at the still-barking Eddie, and tried to get back to sleep.  

An hour later, Eddie was still barking at me to GET UP GET UP I'M STILL STARVING GET UP.

I got up.  Mitzi and Shiloh got up.  The cat got up.  I fed the critters, put on the coffee, and collapsed in the armchair.  And still Eddie barked.  THAT WASN'T ENOUGH I'M STILL HUNGRY FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME. 

And it continued All Day Long.  Maybe I'm reading him wrong and there's about to be a major earthquake.  Maybe he's just being a pain in the butt to see how far he can push me.  Maybe he really wants to be given away free to a good-or-not-so-good home (kidding, just kidding!).  Maybe the end of the world is at hand.  All I know for sure is he was driving me crazy. In desperation, I threw about five cups of kibble into the back yard and stuck him outside to go find it.  Peanut scramble, canine style.  It kept him busy and quiet for maybe twenty minutes.

Meanwhile, I found a sympathetic listener. 

Uh huh.  Uh huh.  Uh huh.
I hear ya, that dog IS annoying.
Maybe you could de-stress by taking some photos of me.  

I think this is my best side.
(c) 2014 Jean Ballard

Or maybe a full body shot.
(c) 2014 Jean Ballard

Whatdaya mean that makes me look fat?
(c) 2014 Jean Ballard

Really? Oh My doG. I do look fat.
What will the blog readers think?
(c) 2014 Jean Ballard

What to do, what to do?

I know!

I'll distract them with "cute" 

Real cute

Real, real, real cute

So cute I'm hilarious!
See, mom, I made ya laugh!
Feel better now?

Then feed me.
I'm starved!


Marie said...

Jean, I'm with you in that I have a dog I would gladly give away this morning. Sparkle woke me up shortly after midnight, playing under the bed!!! I am not impressed as much as I love her.
Really cute pictures of Alie.
I hope the day goes fast so I can go back to bed!!!

Brigid said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning - Allie, you really are cute!

CarolineA said...

And then there are some days they could easily give us to the first available home that comes along,lol.

When don't seem to get what they are telling us

When we drag them around town on a rainy day

When we insists on bathing them when they just found a perfume that says "I'm a hunting dog"

Jean said...

Ha ha Caroline - not to worry, they will never give US away - at least, not until they have another servant in the wings.

Donna Brearley said...

My dog Sadie is doing something similar to Eddie, except she just stares at you and whines softly. She goes into these eating binges and then will hardly eat at all the next couple of days. I assume it is because she is fifteen and only wants to eat when the mood strikes her. I know Eddies bark can be grating especially when he is barking so much, but Sadie's' soft whining can get on my nerves and I'm trying to figure out what she is trying to convey to me. I am glad her binge eating behavior only happens every couple of weeks.
Take care and give Mitzy and Eddie a pat for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jean--that was so funny! Thanks for the laugh of the day!
Hugs Aileen Pickard

Anonymous said...

I think spring must be in the air! Even ancient Riley has had the fidgets lately. She, who normally sleeps about 20 hours a day, has been tormenting me and the cats with fits of playful nibbling. Right now she's outside doing some barking of her own.

Yes, sometimes there's a lot to be said for cats (except, however, when they walk on their sleeping human during the night). Thank you, Allie, for those entertaining moments of cuteness.

Deb S.

Phab Guy said...

Yup, funny! And oh so familiar--well, except for the dogs.

Anonymous said...

I never really noticed how incredible Allie's coloring is until viewing these great pics. of her.