Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mitzi has a Pawty!

Today is Mitzi's 13th birthday, and on Thursday it will be one year since her Mama Anita, my cousin,  passed away and Mitzi came to live with me.  So we had to celebrate her birthday and her "Gotcha" day.

I was going to get her all spiffied up so she looked clean and pretty and as white and fluffy as she did when she first arrived:

Not gonna happen.  She has gone from being a prissy little princess to a rough-n-tumble adventurer.  I brushed her and washed her face this morning.  Then she headed out to the garden where her favourite pasttime is jumping up into the raised beds and pushing the dirt around with her nose, pawing at it with her feet, and generally digging for buried treasure.

Then we went for a walk down to the beach, where she checked out the seaweed and sniffed at the barnacles and romped in the sand.

Keeping her clean is NOT an option.

So this evening, after all the critters had been fed and were somewhat settled down, I pulled out the treats and the pawty hats and, of course, the camera. And quite possibly took some of the worst photos you'll ever see on this blog because for some reason the focus wasn't working - but I just have to post them anyway.  And I don't think the critters will stand for retakes!

As soon as Mitzi saw me head for the dress-up box, she high-tailed it into her bed in the bedroom.  And tried to be incognito behind her rose-coloured glasses.
Maybe Mama Jean won't recognize me
behind these glasses!

We did have a little talk about her fall from Princessly-status to adventurer, but she assured me she is still a princess.

Just a rather grubby one

And while she was happy to eat the treats, she wasn't too keen on the pawty hat:

The things I have to do
for a cookie!

Shiloh, on the other hand, didn't mind it at all,

Huh?  There's something on my head?

And neither did Eddie,


And neither, to my amazement and amusement, did Allie!

I better get a whole package
of  treats for this!

We all had some yogurt, and a few little cookies and then I put the hats away.

Shiloh was so exhausted she didn't even make it all the way into the bed before she was sound asleep.

Who put the booze in the yogurt?

Mitzi, however, headed for her favourite armchair.  Dirty face and all.

Ah may not be as purty as ah used to be,
but I is havin' a good, good life!

Happy 13th birthday, Mitzi.  I hope you've enjoyed your first year with us.


Marie said...

Happy Birthday, Mitzi, I'm so happy that you had a rousing good time on your Special Day!
We're all glad you came!

Franklin said...

Wonderful job organizing the party for Princess Mitzi! It's obvious you guys are having lots of fun.

Meredith said...

I am really glad that I was not drinking my coffee when I got to the picture of Alli wearing her party hat.....she does not look amused ! Her expression sure amused me though.... Thanks for sharing and it sounds like a lovely party !