Friday, January 17, 2014

Allie's Tale of a Tail

It's me again - Allie.
Two blog posts in a row.

You're probably wondering why
I'm hiding in my hidey-hole.

See this fur?
It's from my tail.
Stoopid frail old dog caught me.
Just got a mouthful of fur though.
I screamed.  And hissed.
But she's real old so I didn't scratch her face off. 

Shiloh responds:
Ah didn't mean to do it!
I was just followin' you and yer tail ended up in
mah mouth!
Ya shoulda runned faster!

Does this mean I hasta
go to bed without mah dinner?

REALLY?  Ah said I waz sorry!

Jean:  It's okay, Shiloh, just don't do it again!

Yeah, and you better sleep with your eyes open, Dog!
Cuz I'm gonna get you when you
least expect it! 

Note to readers:  Don't feel too sorry for Allie.   Shiloh only got the fur, not the skin.  Shiloh IS learning not to chase her - and Allie isn't afraid of Shiloh, even going up and sniffing her ears and mouth when she's sleeping.  Allie just has to remember not to RUN past her when she's awake.  Besides,  Ms. Allie is the Queen of Ambush - she loves to lie in wait until an unsuspecting dog wanders past and then lash out with her paw to take a swipe of the poor dog's behind. She's very capable of defending herself against a doddering old sheltie.


Mark said...

Don't feel too bad Allie. King does the same thing to Princess Molly and they are both dogs. It is just some crazy dog thing that certain dogs do. Guess they think hmmm tail I'm gonna pull some hair outta it.

Anonymous said...

Please be careful Shiloh I can vouch for Allie's ambush tacits.

Auntie Else