Friday, January 3, 2014

Two Days, Two Friends, Two Parks

Thursday January 2nd.  The day was dark, cloudy and threatening to rain.  But no matter,  Thursday is the day Eddie and I head out to a park with Gail and Sadie B.  We chose Grace Road Park again.  The waterfall was a little fuller than last visit, I think.....

Banon Falls

.....and the river a wee bit deeper.  But it is still a safe and shallow river, and perfect for stick-fetching-water-crazy border collie Sadie B:

Eddie was far more interested in whatever treats Gail had in her pocket.

Eddie:  I sit for treats!

Shortly after we returned home, the rains began and poured steadily all afternoon.

But this morning, Friday, dawned bright and sunny and crisp.  Bonnie, Keeghan, Eddie and I headed out to Swallowfield.  The beauty there never fails to astound me.

Chemainus River, Swallowfield
(c) Jean Ballard 2014

The dogs had a great time checking out all the smells, posing for photos, running back to us for treats.

Wolfhound in sunlight
(c) Jean Ballard 2014

Keaghan poses on a beautiful winter's day
at Swallowfield
(c) Jean Ballard 2014

At the end of the walk, as I was driving slowly down the dirt road that takes us back to Chemainus Rd, a very large mature bald eagle misjudged its flight path as it rose from the field beside me and flew right over the hood of my vehicle, so close I could count every feather had I not been so startled.  I stopped the car and tried to grab the camera, but he regained his composure faster than I regained mine and took off across the field to the trees high above the river.  But what a sight, what a memory!  A magical afternoon once again.


Anonymous said...

I love the last picture of Keaghan and who is the little fuzzy one behind Eddie. How is the dead fish situation there now. Last time I had to bath 2 dogs on our return home.


Anonymous said...

Sadie is a crazy as Tess. They would probably both swim if there were ice bergs in the water.