Friday, January 10, 2014

So just how big IS that wolfhound?

Keaghan strikes up a conversation with Shiloh

Anytime I post photos from my hikes with my friend Bonnie and her wolfhound Keaghan, someone who hasn't met Keaghan is bound to ask "So, Jean, just how big IS that wolfhound?"

Keaghan is so tall that 38 pound Eddie can walk right underneath him, between Keaghan's front feet and back feet,  without ducking his head - as we saw today while taking a rest during a hike.  That made us laugh!  But I didn't catch it with the camera.

He's not as big as the horses we met on our walk a few days ago,  but the riders' little dog could easily walk underneath him too.

Dog meets horse

It's often hard to tell size from a photo.

However, when Keaghan was over at my place for a visit the other day, I took a few random shots that might give you a good idea of his size.  Keep in mind he is only 15 months old so still has a bit of growing to do - fortunately, despite his size and youth, he is incredibly self-aware and careful around dogs, people of all sizes, and furniture. He's no bull in a china shop, though he might look like the elephant in the room:

Keaghan in my living room

And it's a good thing he's been taught not to countersurf, because this boy doesn't even need to put his paws on the counter to reach the food:

Got any treats, Auntie Jean?

Both the armchair in the living room (underneath that pile of coats)  and the top of the dishwasher are 37" tall.  Just neck height for our sweet Keaghan.

His nickname should be The Gentle Giant.  At least, that's what Shiloh, Mitzi and Eddie think.  He's one of their very bestest friends.

They's mah best buddies!


CarolineA said...

These pics are incredible!
Any tips for someone who wants a wolfhound?

Jean said...

Well, you don't see too many wolfhounds in rescue, Caroline, though there are some dogs listed as wolfhound crosses who look nothing like wolfhounds at all - and those that do have some wolfhound features are often more likely a large schnauzer mix than wolfhound.
Best advice for someone who wants a wolfhound is to contact the breed association which will also have a rescue branch attached to it, and/or to do thorough research on reputable breeders. I can certainly put a reader in touch with Keaghan's breeder, who also is the rescue coordinator for wolfhounds in BC. They are not for the faint of heart though. They take patience to train - they are usually quick learners but their very large size at a very young age can lead to challenges. They need a lot of space - they are the tallest of all dog breeds, including great danes. And they have a fairly short life span - about 7-8 years on average.

Dom said...

Wow... he's huge! I love wolfhounds...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting more pictures of Keaghan. I love him! He is incredibly photogenic and such a happy looking guy.

CarolineA said...

Thanks Jean! I'll pass on the info to my son who has always wanted one and is coming closer to making that dream possible :)

Maybe one day I'll be grandma to a Wolfhound