Saturday, March 2, 2013

Update on search for Levi - Vancouver Island

The search for Levi, the missing mini aussi-cross dog, continues to be focused in the Qualicum Beach area, though tips from other areas are also being checked out (including Chemainus, Duncan, and Vancouver).   The stray dog in the bush near Boorman Rd and the Island Hwy has been sighted several more times, but so far no one has snapped a photo in order for Tracy to confirm she is expending her time and energy in the right place.  She has been at Qualicum Beach all week searching.  

The last sighting was 4:30 Thursday at the exact same spot as a previous one - the water side of the highway just past the tracks, past Boorman at WIDGEON, going into the bush down towards the water.  He appears to be doing a route in that area, and is most often seen between 2 PM and 7 PM.  

Tracy has three requests: 

1.  Saturday:  Tracy has had to go back to the mainland for one day and won't be able to hang out at the Qualicum Beach spot on Saturday.  If anyone in the area can hang out at that corner and at least get a photo of the stray dog, please do so (see the third request). 

2.  Sunday:  Tracy will be back in Qualicum and wants to organize a big search party for Sunday - to 'flier the heck' out of Bowser, Qualicum Beach and Coombs.  She will have another 1500 flyers.  She will be at Boorman and the Old Highway all day - drop by to pick up some flyers and be assigned a zone.  

3.  If you should see the dog, PLEASE take a photo!    While any stray dog needs to be brought to safety, obviously Levi's owner needs to spend her time and energy focused on the search for her dog.  The dog at Qualicum Beach is VERY skittish and has run away from those who have tried to grab it.  

IF YOU SEE HIM:  Take a picture, then call or text Tracy immediately (please enter the number on  your cellphone or put it in your wallet RIGHT NOW!).  Then do the following:  Just sit down on the ground.  Don't look at him.  Don't move.  Don't call him.  Have some food on you, and toss it out with slow arm movements.  Hopefully he will come to the food.  Do NOT try to grab him.  If Tracy is on the island, she will come immediately.  If she is not on the island (Saturday) she will direct you via phone.  Please respect her wishes.  She knows her dog best, and we don't want him to run again. 

I cannot say enough about how much I admire Tracy.  She has been searching every single day for over ten weeks. She has posted thousands of flyers, she has pursued dozens of tips, she has done absolutely everything possible, and she is not giving up.  

Sadly, I'm not able to head up to Qualicum Beach to help there due to other commitments,  but I hope to be of some assistance in spreading the word and checking out local sightings.  Please do the same.

You can follow along on the search at the "Find Levi" facebook page:


georgia little pea said...

Poor Tracy. She's really going all out. Hope Levi comes home soon.

Anonymous said...

I am saying prayers and so hoping that little guy is found and reunited with Tracy !