Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day from Mitzi

In honour of  any Irish readers,
ah is wearing the requisite green!

Actually I waz helping Mama Jean in the garden, and she had just cut the grass.  Oh, if Mama Anita could see me now!  This is me just before Mama Jean spoiled everything by sticking me in the sink to wash me off:

Ah loves to help in de garden!


Marie said...

Hi, Mitzi, I rolled over on the floor with laughter when I saw your feet, Mama Anita would as well and probably also with surprise! I love your hat and really do think that Mama Jean should be getting out the paints and adorning it with a lovely floral wreath. Wish I was there to help. Love Sparkle

Caroline said...

Too funny!
Mitzi, you are a ham!

shihtzustaff said...

I have been enjoying reading as you fall in love with Mitzi. The little ones are really special and do take over your entire life!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Mitzi, you should persuade Mama Jean to leave your tootsies green. It suits you very well! I assume your sore one is all good now? We stayed home on St Pats Day. Too many funny loud humans rolling around the streets X

Jean said...

Dear Georgia - no, I still hasta wear my Easter Bonnet - I just has it off because Mama Jean was going to baff me. You can see my booboo on my back leg in the picture of all of me.
I would like pink n purple hair. Don'tcha think that would be pretty?

Anonymous said...

Wellm Mitzi-you have truly made your mark in more ways than on and it isn't even 2 months yet!

Us critters laughed and laughed and thought about how many baths are in your future.

The OK crew!

Anonymous said...

That is the best wearing of the green ever!!! Bev B.