Saturday, March 9, 2013

Still here, still looking

And I had another word to go in that title, but - whoosh- it just got sucked right out of my brain.

The search for Levi is still going strong, and the dog that *might* or *might not* fit his description is still hiding in the bushes near Qualicum Beach, while other reports drift in from time to time from other areas of the island and mainland. I'm not involved in the actual ground search myself but helping in other ways - handing out flyers wherever I walk my dogs, putting up posters where it is legal, and now working on a press release for a wider media audience.  Tracy stayed here the other night and I am SO impressed with her dedication to finding her Levi.

Here is a Shaw cable newscast on Levi's story:

And here's a CHEK news report:,AAAA4mHNTzE~,ejlzBnGUUKauc2zn_kmUm9i-CLdp2qnb&bctid=2201450419001

Both are awesome, and worth watching.

With the search for Levi, I have finally been dragged kicking and screaming into the wonderful world of Facebook, and the more I try to use it, the more I'm convinced the whole world (or at least the world of facebook addiction) is crazy.  I value organization and efficiency and, in the realm of anything related to technology, user-friendliness.  Facebook is none of those things and I find myself thinking how much better it could be if the person(s) who invented it actually shared those same values.

As a case in point, the facebook place to keep up with Levi's search has been changed - apparently a 'page' is more efficient than a 'group', though many of us are still using the original group so who knows?

For those following this search or who may be able to help, here is the link for the new Facebook page:

And here is the link for the old Facebook group:

Mitzi's nose is out of joint because she says she has a story to tell, and Eddie is all beautiful from a visit to his groomer and thinks I should photograph him.......but I have told them there is a time for them to take the spotlight and a time to shine it on others.

Please continue to share the links with your facebooky friends and others.  Here, once again, is the information on Levi:


Marie said...

Jean, I have sent the link to my family in Duncan and they already knew about Levi. I also admire Tracy for her diligence, I would do the same if Sparkle were to go missing. I do hope the search is successful.

georgia little pea said...

Tracy is doing an incredible job. Hope it works out for her. We want to hear Mitzi's story and see a pic of Eddie though. Can't you do 2 posts in a day? ;)

Jean said...

It's coming, GLP, it's coming. I've been crazy busy the last few days, with some big events happening in our wee town and hundreds of pictures on my camera to edit, several things to cover for the local paper......and off to the mainland tomorrow to check in on mom. So check back Thursday or Friday for a Mitzi post. Sadly, Eddie is no longer clean and floofy, but he say he'll make me post a pic of him anyway.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Thanks, Jean, for this and the many ways you help lost pets get back where they need to be. And, thanks, Eddie and Mitzi, for sharing your dear mama for a few more days.