Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update - Clean cities over Lost dogs

Both Nanaimo and Duncan have contacted Tracy this morning to tell her to remove all posters from posts and poles in their cities - it is illegal and she will receive a hefty fine if they are not removed.  SO - if you are postering, please do NOT put them on any hydro poles, road signs, city intersections etc.
EVERY community bulletin board, hand deliver to stores, gas stations, put them in your car and house window  - get them out there, but try to do so legally.
Apparently it is more important to have a clean city than to find a lost dog.  Tracy has put up about 7000 posters from the lower mainland to Qualicum - these are the first two cities to call.
Spread the word via social media, please.

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georgia little pea said...

What a shame. On the one hand, I can understand council's concern. On the other, it must be so frustrating when you're trying to get word out. If it were Georgia, I'd be plastering madly and leaving messages on sidewalks too. Has there been any local radio station/paper willing to help?