Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey Chelsea Dawn....

Hey Chelsea Dawn
What's that flowerpot you've got on?
We had a lovely weekend with our newest guest, Chelsea Dawn.  We've known Chelsea since 2007 - at that time we both lived in the Fraser Valley.  Then her humans moved to nearby Chemainus the same year I moved to Crofton.  We see each other fairly often, but she hasn't had a sleepover here before.  The whole weekend went beautifully!

Chelsea Dawn, along with Eddie and Mitzi, helped me in the garden as we transplanted some existing plants and began to put in some new ones, mowed the grass, and finished filling the raised beds with dirt.  Spring is definitely here now, as you can see from the containers of flowers Chelsea is investigating.  (No, those are not Chelsea's feet you can see in the above photo - they are the feet of a yellow lab statue next to the pot! Bad photo!  :)  )

Chelsea allowed me to take lots of photos of her, and here are some of my favourites:

Chelsea loves looking out the window, and though she is almost the exact same size as Eddie, she can stand up soooo much taller than he!

All three dogs got along really well, and although Mitzi and Chelsea ganged up on Allie the cat a couple of times for a vigorous game of tag, Allie knew she really had nothing to fear and kept her usual sleeping, eating, and seating spaces - something she doesn't do if she is unsure of a visiting dog.

WHAT is that dog looking at?
There's nothing out there but a road!

I, on the other hand, had to find new places to sit a few times.  Both armchairs were occupied:

Occasionally I did stand my ground and make them scoot:

How come the humans get the chairs?

Eddie liked having company of someone his own size, and often hung around Chelsea Dawn:

I gotz a new best friend!

And often Eddie and Mitzi asked Chelsea for the Road Report:

Mitzi:  What're they lookin' at, Mama Jean?

I think Chelsea had an enjoyable weekend, checking out Mitzi's toys

And going for a stroll on the seawalk:

And each night she climbed up on my bed for a good night snuggle before voluntarily going to sleep in her own bed on the floor next to mine. .

She was the perfect guest.  Come back any time, Chelsea Dawn!

Only if I get the armchair!

Dogs rule! 


Marie said...

What a lovely dog Chelsea is, so nice to see Mitzi, Eddie and even Allie be so welcoming to her. I bet she enjoyed her weekend at your home with you, the other four legged friends and also those beautiful flowers!
I saw a robin yesterday so Spring won't be long getting here as well!

Sheryl said...

I spent a few puzzling minutes trying to determine whose feet those were before I actually read your post. LOL

CAPB said...

What gorgeous photos! And how lovely that your own critters (even the new one) give such a warm welcome to a visitor. I liked the window shot best, with Mitzi wondering what's going on.
It's great to see signs of Spring too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics.
Your gorgeous guest is a nova scotia duck toller breed .. right?
The pic of her standing, looking out the window is a winning portrait ! ... in my opinion.

georgia little pea said...

What a neat name. I thought it was the name of a song from the...uhm...70s? Love the picture of her standing up. Georgia might be having a sleepover with a man who has a kitty soon. I hope she behaves or he won't have her long term. He is otherwise her other best friend (lots of treats ;)

So Mitzi's footy is still not the best? That little step you have leading up to the chair is great. I see so many nice things to have (on blogs) that are not available here in Oz. Bummer.

Thanks for checking in on us. We're good. I just don't seem to be in the right frame of mind to go near blogs. Trying to snap out of it now :) x

Jean said...

Ha ha, Georgia - the 70s song is "Hey Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on? Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?...). And now that I have planted that tune in everyone's head for the rest of the day, I shall go back to enjoying the sunshine.
Oh, and no Mitzi's foot is still a problem.