Friday, March 15, 2013

Mitzi's Mutiny

By Mitzi

Well!  If Mama Jean isn't going to blog about me, I'll just flex mah little paws an hop up on de chair in front of de computer, and TAKE OVER!  DOGS RULE!

It's a MUTINY!
Ah'm takin' over!
A couple of weeks ago I had a misadventure.  I know Mama Anita told Mama Jean about my leg before I came to live here.  I know she did.  She said "If you see Mitzi licking her foot, just say 'Mitzi! No Lick!' and she will stop."  And just in case I didn't stop, she sent along my cute little white socks and my big plastic cone of shame Easter Bonnet.

But I guess with all the stress of moving, and since licking mah foot is a comfort thing, I kinda snuck around licking it when Mama Jean wasn't looking.  Like when she was sleepin'.  Or out.  Or on the computer.  In other words, most of the time.

Mama Jean did try "Mitzi! No Lick!".  And she did try the sock.  And she did try the cone of shame Easter Bonnet.  But I managed to do a real number on that foot and eventually Mama Jean had to take me to the vet. Where they shaved mah leg!  And gave me a bunch of pills to take!  And wrapped it in a bandage which Mama Jean was to keep dry and then remove after 24 hours.

The grass waz wet so Mama Jean put a funny purple balloon thing over it when I went outside.  I didn't like that, even if it was a pretty colour.

Ah'm NOT a happy camper!
Anyway, long story short (because typing on a compooter is NOT easy fer a dog), it STILL hasn't healed even though Mama Jean is making me wear the cone of shame Easter Bonnet almost all the time.  So I might have to go back to the vet.  I don't mind the bonnet at all - it doesn't bother me in the least - but I do think Mama Jean should make it look pretty by drawing some flowers on it, don't you?

Ah'm a girly dog.  Ah need a
BOOTIFUL bonnet.
Colour it, Mama Jean!
In other news, I haz been helping Mama Jean in the garden, as there are two yards of dirt to be shovelled from the driveway to the raised beds.
[Mama Jean:  Ahem, excuse me Mitzi, you have been HELPING?  Is that what you call climbing all over the dirt and getting in the path of the wheelbarrow?]
 I was SNOOPERVISING!!  I am a very good snoopervisor.  Wait till you see how well I snoopervise the planting and watering and picking of flowers and veggies!

Anyway, Mama Jean has been very busy, helping wiv other animals like the lost dog Levi who is still missing,  and taking photos of a marine rescue, and taking hundreds and hundreds of photos of a float home being moved into town, and writing fer the newspaper, and doing STUFF.  I dunno what, just STUFF.

And Eddie is fine.  And this afternoon we haz a friend coming for the weekend while her humans go away.  Her name is Chelsea Dawn - izn't dat booootiful?  She is a DUCK TOLLING RETRIEVER.  I hopes she doesn't think I'm a duck to be tolled.  Or retrieved.  Or whatever.   Mama Jean will take lots of pictures of her.  You just have to tell Mama Jean to get back to blogging and show you her photos of all this stuff.

Iz boring when Mama Jean's busy. Or Lazy.  Or Whatever. 

Your friend,


georgia little pea said...

Dear Mitzi, I am really glad you took over the computer! Humans can be notoriously slack at prioritising their lives. I'm sorry to hear about your footy. I know very well what it's like to wear a sock and it sucks. I would like to see flowers on your bonnet too! and how about a coloured ribbon while we're at it. Please send Eddie my love. Between his ligament and your footy, I guess you're not doing too many walks and Ms Jean can concentrate on taking piccies and her gardening. Hmmm. Suspicious timing if you ask me ;) Hooroo and have a great weekend! X

CAPB said...

Dear Mitzi, I am also glad you took over the computer as you look adorable in those photos! I hope your paw heals up nice and soon, and don't go getting ideas about taking that bonnet off before your paw is ready. Say hi to Mama Jean, she sounds awfully busy!

Dawn said...

Thank you, Mitzi, for blogging for Mama Jean. I know that it is important to find the other little dog (and I hope it happens this week). But my doggie and my two cats really miss hearing about you and Eddie and the kitty.

Hope you are better real soon; there is a lot of snoopervising to do around there!

Caroline said...

Tell Mama Jean you should have an Easter Bonnet!

Princess MollyDawg said...

Hello Mitzi. I know we haven't officially met but, I can tell you are a lady of fine upbringing like myself. Why these humans insist on stopping all our pleasures is beyond me.
I too have been confined to wear a dreaded "Easter Bonnet" AnD yes like you, it is of PLAIN boring white! Not a spec of pink or lovely lacy at all! How shameful! At any rate dear Mitzi, I want you to know I fully understand your dilemna and empathize with you emphatically! It is apparent that all we can do is comply with the dreaded white torture ... BUT, YES INDEED, we can plot revenge when the gardens begin to sprout. Do take care and heal well.
Your true regal nature shines through even the dreaded CONE!

Emily said...

Snoopervising, love it :)