Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday Morning Solitude

Sunday morning.  Sun is bright, sky is blue, air is crisp.  Eddie has been driving me crazy, Mitzi had a slight misadventure which resulted in a visit to the vet (nothing serious - I'll post about it later), and my calendar has been far too full of commitments for the past week.  I check google maps to see if I have time to drive up to Qualicum Beach to help with the search for Levi, but between driving distance, the dogs, and a shift at the theatre starting at 1:00, I know it's not realistic.

And so I decide on some de-stressing time for me and Eddie.  Since hurting his cruciate ligament two months ago, he has had a few off leash walks on the smooth paths at Osborne Bay Park or MacAdam Park,  and his daily walks around Crofton and along the seawalk, but all hikes on uneven terrain have been on hold. But he's doing well, and his anxious energy is reaching a crescendo, so I bundle him into the van, and we head to Chemainus Lake.  The 2.5 km loop trail there is quite good but does contain rocky areas and protruding tree roots, as well as many little semi-cleared side-paths to explore. And the whole park is off leash.

First stop was on the road between Crofton and Chemainus.  There is a wonderful view of the estuary, little islands, and the north shore mountains there, which varies as the tide ebbs and flows, and I have been meaning to photograph it for ages.  I pass it at least once a week:

View from Crofton Road

North Shore mountains in the distance

When we got to the lake, around 9 AM, we were the only ones there with the exception of one angler trying his luck from the small fishing dock.  Eddie took off like a shot, and I quickly found out his excellent recall was no longer so excellent.  Out came the high-value, wonderfully smelly dried salmon treats and the clicker, and we immediately did a refresher course, clicking and treating our way around the first quarter of the lake.  He caught on fast.

I'm comin', mama, I'm comin'!!!!

By half way around the lake, he was coming as soon as I called.  He had also worked off enough energy that he was willing to wait by my side as I took in the scenery - the beautiful reflections in the streams, the steam rising from rotted logs as the sun warmed their moist surfaces, sunlight on fresh spring growth, the little waterfalls where rivulets of runoff cascaded over stones on their way down to the lake.


Spring growth

Water cascades over rocks

By three quarters of the way around the lake, he was tired and had slowed down considerably.  For every metre  I walked, he had walked two - charging ahead and being recalled, charging off on side paths and being recalled, tearing around me checking out every sight and smell.  I take a few more photos, give him a few more treats, and we both head home happy and relaxed.

Heading home


Marie said...

Looks like Eddie really enjoyed your walk around the lake, sure wish we had been with you!!!
That new growth sure looks nice and a brief idea of what it might be like here, when all this snow melts!!!!

Barb H. said...

I love it when you get out for walks with Eddie, cuz we get to come along too. Spring is definitely in the air.

georgia little pea said...

Poor Eddie. I hope this forced rest heals him up. Swimming should be good too, though it must be too cold at the moment and you would have to enlist Sadie B's help to get him in the water! He looks SO happy in that running shot. Who would think he had an ACL problem?