Saturday, August 4, 2012

The almost dogless days of summer

Sunflowers welcome visitors to the Crofton Sea Walk
It's hot.  It's summer's peak - the most popular week in the year for Canadians to take their summer vacations, the most reliable for dry, sunny weather.

Eddie doesn't like the heat and neither do I.  We have our morning walk, water the garden, and then lie about in the house as much as possible until late evening when we take our evening walk.  On days like this, I am glad I am down to one dog and a reasonably able-bodied one at that.  I've removed most of the rugs from the house, and most of the dog beds (Eddie doesn't like dog beds or furniture or carpets - he's strictly a 'sleep-on-the-cool-floor' kinda guy.  Somehow the house feels cooler and cleaner with less bodies and less 'stuff'.  I may be almost dogless, but on days like this I'm happy to have fewer dogs to walk, less jumping up and down letting dogs in and out, less dog fur to brush or to vacuum.

Flowers on my side patio need watering daily

It's a simple life with time to read.  I am currently on the last of The Hunger Games trilogy - I don't usually care for science fiction,  but this trilogy grabbed me from the first chapter and has kept my heart pumping hard for all three books.  Probably has something to do with the fact it is meant for young adults and therefore an easy, fast-paced read.  It certainly stimulates thought about the future, environmental destruction, survival, and most of all, power.

Cats rule!
(And even The Hunger Games acknowledges their importance)

After a six week hiatus from all volunteer work and all other commitments except my newspaper column, I'm gradually getting involved again, with several shifts at Chemainus Theatre Festival  where the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is playing, as well as a play called Animal Tales for young children.  Both are great entertainment;  'Joseph' is proving to be the theatre's most popular production ever.  The theatre is also celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, with special events planned for later this month.  Check out their website if you're planning a trip to the area. Tickets for Joseph are going fast, with many performances sold out. It runs until September 8th.

Last year I mentioned that one of my short stories had been accepted for publication in an upcoming Canadian anthology.  The edits are now complete, and the manuscript will soon be in the hands of  publishers.  Pamela Chamberlain, the editor, has a proven track record with her previous book "Country Roads" - a great read about rural life in Canada.  This new book will, I think,  be called "Animal Kin", and you can find her facebook page for it here.

As for the Great Canadian Kitchen Reno, it has been on hold while we located the missing roofer.  Work is schedule to resume August 20th, and should be finished by the end of that week.  I do have a functioning kitchen now, just no range hood or dryer, and a few little things that need fixing.  When it is finally complete, I'll post pics.

Flowers on Osborne Bay
Much prettier than kitchen renovations


georgia little pea said...

I swear, flowers in the northern hem look somehow brighter. I can't believe it's just summer's peak this week. I'm thinking and hoping that winter is almost over here YAY!!!!

When Rufus died, I felt the same way. Suddenly my days opened out, the house got spacier, vacuuming got cut down to twice a week, doggy laundry and mopping to once a fortnight. In fact, The Other Half just mentioned a few days ago that our electricity and water bills went down a lot after he went. For you, to go from 4 to 1 must be a much bigger impact.

I loved the Hunger Game Trilogy! They were the first books I read on the kindle and I finished all 3 in a week because they were such compulsive reading, teen fic or not.

CONGRATS on your story getting published! So exciting. HUGS X The Big Stinker

Black Jack's Carol said...

Missing roofer, huh? Yikes, but I had to smile.

Yes, congratulations on your story being published. Wonderful news indeed!

I, too, know that simultaneous loss and freedom that come at the death of an elderly pet. I yearned to have them back with me, and at the same time, noted all the ways that i could move about my days more easily.

Your photography just gets better and better. The shot of Allie and that last flower one are both spectacular!