Sunday, August 12, 2012

High Noon (and Eddie too)

You'd think these dogs were high on something, they are both just so happy, happy, happy.  We went to the beach during our morning walk, and - well - this photo says it all:

Noon and Eddie, high on life at the beach.

Noon will be leaving here shortly, and I still have about 200 shots of her to narrow down to ten or so for the blog.  She is so much fun to photograph, the selection will be a challenge.  Clearly, they won't get posted until after she leaves.  Wanna guess what the title of the NEXT entry will be?


Anonymous said...

Jean ~ i'm so tickled at the pics of Noon and glad that you enjoyed her visit. Can't thank you enough for looking after her with such loving kindness!
~ peace ~ marla

Caroline said...

"I can't decide so brace yourselves for two hundred pictures"

Is that the title? Hope it is :)

georgia little pea said...

I already know because I've been slack and just saw it on my GR! blah.