Monday, August 13, 2012

After Noon

So, Noon has returned home and I still have many photos to post. So, of course, it is 'After Noon'.  However,  I think Caroline's suggested title in the comments on the previous post might be more apt:  "I Can't Decide, so Brace yourself for 200 Pictures".

As Caroline anticipated, I couldn't narrow it down to just 10.   Noon was so much fun to photograph.  Some are a bit out of focus and/or grainy, though -  I was clicking away from a bit of a distance with little time to adjust the settings as Noon took a liking to running over to me and leaving noseprints on the lens if  she saw me with the camera in front of my face.

So, from over 200 not-bad shots (and about 100 more that were totally blurry and therefore discarded), here are my favourite twenty:

Noon, you have a piece of grass in your teeth!! 

(She's watching the cat !)
 I gave her a rope toy from my supply of dog toys I keep on hand for dogs that will actually play with them - Eddie considers it beneath him.  Young dogs like Noon (she's two) keep me entertained for hours!  I love this series of her with the rope toy:

Am I supposed to do something with this?

Oh, this is kinda fun!

Wait, what do I hear over there?

Oh, it's that lady with the thing in front of her face again.

Here, Camera Lady, I'll pose for you.

Well, that was boring.  Back to the toy!

Num, num, num!

Hmmm.....I wonder how long it will take me to unravel it?

Maybe I'll toss it around a bit!

But first a big stretch.....

And a pawstand or two....

Now I'm all tired out!
Time for a nap. 

 And here's a couple more of her at the beach:

But I still think the one I posted the very first day is my favourite.  I took it just a couple of hours after she arrived.   I was sitting in my armchair watching the news and she was on her dog bed right beside me.  I was snapping pics of anything in the room just to get her used to the sound of the camera.  This shot was a total fluke - it was taken one-handed and sideways from my chair.  The late afternoon sun was flooding through a white blind over the patio doors, giving the laminate floor and white chair legs a soft gentle glow that provides just the right background for a Pensive Pup:

Pensive Pup

Noon, I hope you come for a visit again some time.  Thanks for being such a great model! 


Caroline said...

what a treat, wonderful way to start the day!

Pensive pup is my favorite too, the black and white photo is a close second for me.

caymus11 said...

well one day maybe Eddie would like a Golden friend that you can take pics of to your heart content..

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous dog! Lucky family to have such a beauty.

Thanks for the photos. So lovely.

georgia little pea said...

Pensive pup is a winner. Love it! Can Noon really do a handstand? I've heard of some dogs that can pee that way.

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful dog and such a great and patient model.