Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Noon!

Well, no, actually it is about 8:00 PM.   But this wonderfully photogenic girl is called 'Noon':

Beloved Friend

Her full name is Ionuin (pronounced "ee-noon") Cara, which is Irish Gaelic for "Beloved Friend".  She is called Noon for short. And I am looking after her for a couple of days.  I plan to take a whole lot of photos  while she's here, so check back again tomorrow. 


georgia little pea said...

What a cool name! A lot more elegant than Ratatouille for sure. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday (if it's Sunday)! Hugs x

Jean said...

Ha ha GLP, it's only 3:00 PM Saturday here. I just googled, and the time difference between where I am and where you are (I think - near Sydney?) is a huge 17 hours!