Friday, August 24, 2012

Guess who is a Birthday Boy?

Let's PAWTY!

Yes, "Eddie McFreddie Bossy Boots" is nine years old today!  Born Taleah's First Edition on August 24th, 2003, this lucky boy  gets to celebrate two special days each year - his birthday and his Gotcha Day (December 30th, 2011).  In the eight months he has been with me, he has blossomed from a somewhat anxious, excitable stranger to a funny, sometimes bossy, best buddy.  He has particularly come into his own the past couple of months.  Way to go, Eddie.

Now, Eddie would like to tell you about his day:

Deah Blog Readers,

Yup, it's my birfday!  I don't think I ever had a pawty before.  There's just Mama and the cat an' me, but we is havin' a nice day.  I wasn't so sure I'd make it to nine years of age yesterday, when Mama and our friend Margaret took me for a hike around Chemainus Lake an' I saw this sign:

But we hiked anyway, and I didn't get eaten by no bears or cougars.
This morning, I found a big bag of apples on my back deck.  I thought that was my birfday present so I helped myself without asking Mama:

Apples?  What apples?

Oops.  They were some mama got from a neighbour to pass on to Margaret.  Iz okay, Auntie Margaret, I left you lots!  An' they are yummy!

When mama called me back into the house - Wowza!  There were pressies for me!  I got some awesome treats like Kaliwags Organic Beef snacks (made in Canada with Canadian ingredients!), and some sweet potato and fish treats, and a big bag of fresh beef neck bones (though mama says I should wait a couple of days to eat one of them as I've had some tummy troubles this week), and a bag of Carna4 food for times when my raw food might not be available on a road trip Mama and I are taking in a few weeks.  I needs really special food 'cuz I gets really itchy skin from some stuff.

Lookit all mah goodies!

 And best of all I got this cool "Chilly Necks" bandana, which is nice and cool on my neck on warm days:

See mah bootiful new bandana? Itz Kooool!

Mama did make me wear a funny hat for the celebration, but I didn't mind.  Allie had fun, too, playing in the paper everything was wrapped in:

Dis is much more fun than those dumb dog treats!

And then she checked out her food cupboard to see if there were any pressies in there for her:

Humph!  I never get no pressies!

Allie claims Mama  has never thrown a party for her birthday or Gotcha day.  Mama doesn't know when her birthday is, except it was probably in the spring of 2001.  And Mama promises to get her some treats on her Gotcha day in November.  Maybe Allie will share them with me!

I gave my mama a present too.  When I came to live with her, I came with a plastic crate which was a bit too small and a bit too warm, but made me feel safe.  Mama now keeps in in the van for me, and has been trying to get me to use this bigger wire one in the house when I'm eating my bones and also to get me ready for our road trip.  Today, for the first time ever, I decided I LIKE IT!   I went in there all by myselfs when mama was in the shower, and I've gone back in there to lie down for a snooze several times since.  I think it will do me just fine.

Ah likes mah new crate!

Anyway, that's how my birthday was so far.  And now it's time for my dinner.  I sure hope there's cake afterwards - with ice cream of course!

Happy Birfday to meeeee....
and please pass the ice cream!

Love, Eddie. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eddie.. Lucky dog.

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Eddie! From the looks of it, you had a very special day! Hope you have many,many more!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Eddie, I didn't know you were 9. You look so young and are forever hiking here and there and doing young dog stuff. I don't know what a chilly necktie is. Does it have ice in it for hot days? I hope you don't get a tummy ache from all the apples. The Typist bought me one yesterday, I haven't eaten it yet and will probably get only a bit at a time because she likes to make things stretch. I wish I was there to help you eat all your food and treats haha.

What is this road trip you're taking? Sounds exciting. My humans have promised to take me on short road trips to get me used to travelling. I'll believe it when it happens. They're supposed to get me a crate too. I've never been in one before and it looks horribly like the pen I was in at the pound, only even smaller. Do you have any tips for a good one?

I'm talking a lot aren't I? Okay, so better go now. Have a great weekend! It's beautiful here today :) X

Jean said...

Hiya GLP. A Chilly necktie has some crystal things sewn in that swell and retain the cold when soaked in water for a couple of minutes. You can get them for hoomans too - my mama used to have one for backpacking.

Our road trip is to someplace called the Ok-a-na-gan, which is where my Auntie Carole (the one who went to the Rainbow Bridge) lived. An' we're also going camping and going to a pawty and driving about 1200 km over ten days. I don't know if I'm gonna like all the moving around. We might do an overnight test run on the island sometime soon.
Crates are good stuff, GLP. It's like your own little den. Mah mama did a blog about crates here: (or just email her if ya want more info!)
Woofs, Eddie.

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday Eddie. Boy you sure got spoiled didn't you. What a lucky dog you are.

Tail wags and sniffs to you from us.
Archie, Hugo,Tanner and Tess

georgia little pea said...

thanks for the link! i'm not sure she's going to like a crate. she doesn't even think she belongs outside of the house for anything longer than it takes to eat her dinner! but just in case...

have a safe trip. 1200k is a good long way but at least you'll have a brave dog to protect you.

when i read your description of the chilly tie, i shivered. it's a bit cold here tonight!

Anonymous said...

"Happy birthday Eddie!

You're such a handsome guy, and I'm glad you got spoiled rotten on your special day, wish I was there to share your treats!

Taleah (and Sharon)"

Sheryl said...

Looks like you had a great birthday, Eddie. Happy 9th!

Jean, where do you get beef neck bones? I've been trying to figure out what kind of bones to feed to my dogs to clean their teeth. I just can't bring myself to give them chicken bones (although they eat raw chicken).

Jean said...

Hi Sheryl - I get these ones from a store in Duncan (Buddies, I think it is called) that sells only raw dog food, but you can get them for a reasonable price from most butchers if you talk with the meat cutter. You will want to have him/her cut them into suitably-sized chunks. For Eddie, I use chunks that are 2-3" long. Pork necks are also similar in size and meatiness. Lamb necks look a bit small for Eddie and are more expensive.
I do feed Eddie chicken backs which are very inexpensive, but I'm too nervous to give him chicken necks in case he slurps them in whole and gets them stuck in his throat. I've used turkey necks, though, and I just make a bunch of slices through the membranes every inch or so to enable him to chew off a section at a time.
Also check with anyone who cuts game for a living - I've picked up some great moose bones recently through someone the owner of my petfood store knows.

Sheryl said...

Thanks, Jean. One of my Dals swallowed a whole chicken neck. She just scarfed it down. No ill effects, luckily, but I never gave her another one, just in case.

I'll try to find a butcher that cuts their own beef. Most meat stores locally just bring it in prepackaged.

Jean said...

We used to get bones for Emma from Penguin meats in White Rock - they cut their own, at least they did six or seven years ago. Their stuff is good and prices are reasonable.